These rules are valid for every post in this forum without any exception. Please check your inbox for Private Messages (PM) daily because staff members of usually communicate with you via PM.

Using the search before asking questions or posting threads that have probably been posted before is highly recommended.

§1 - General

  1. By creating an account you agree to and are bound by these Forum Rules (hereinafter, Rules) as well as the Game Rules and General Terms & Conditions.
  2. The Rules apply to the whole forum, including but not limited to: Private messages (PM), profiles and the individual boards.
  3. The moderators exist to make sure these rules are being followed. In case a violation happens, the moderation crew reserves the right to punish the user accordingly. Punishments are covered by §4.
    The moderation crew is not obliged to answer game related questions through PMs or in threads. Such questions can be directed to the in-game support by sending a message to the recipient Support.
  4. These Rules are subject to change at any time, and they immediately apply to any open case at the moment of change.
  5. Each person may only own one forum account. Creating multiple accounts or owning multiple accounts is only allowed with the permission of the Community Manager, who has to be contacted through email.
  6. The users are obliged to follow subsets of forum rules for particular forum parts if this forum part has an etiquette addition to this set of rules.
  7. Threads not published in the appropriate sub-forum may be closed directly or moved to another forum without leaving a shadow topic or notice in the old forum by the staff members.
  8. The forum account name can only be changed in case it is violating the Rules.
  9. The operator/site Community Manager of and its forum reserves the right to delete individual messages, posts and threads without stating reasons or giving prior warnings.

§2 – Content Regulations
Behavior violating these content regulations is punishable and this applies to all posts, titles, and other user definable areas including forum account names, avatars and signatures.

  1. Re-posts, Cross-posts and Double-posts. Re-posting a locked or deleted topic, or reposting significant content from locked or deleted topics in order to restart a locked discussion, is not allowed. Posting the same topic in multiple forums (crossposting) is not allowed except for announcement-grade threads made by the Travian Team. Posting twice (or more) in a row in the same thread is not permitted except in case of announcements, guides or other content in locked topics. Users are encouraged to use the Edit-feature instead.
  2. Posts in a language other than English. Additionally users have to make sure their posts are understandable and formatted in a restrained way.
  3. Impersonating staff. Including posts in which the user points out that someone is breaking the forum rules. Reporting such an event to the responsible Moderator through PM is encouraged. Also, other content which can be mistaken as official or otherwise cause similar confusion is prohibited.
  4. Spaming, Flaming, Trolling and Insulting. Spam can include, but is not limited to: posts which do not contribute significantly to the thread's discussion; posts which are not related to the sub-forum overall theme; the overuse of various text format options. The moderation team is the final arbiter of what is or is not spam and of whether something is flaming / trolling / insulting or not.
  5. Swearing. Masking a word that triggers the censor including, but not limited to, acronyms, misspelling, covering its letters with other symbols is also prohibited - in case the meaning of the censored word can still be understood. Users are encouraged to change their wording to milder, non-censored counterparts. Not triggering the censor does not automatically mean the word is not a swearword. Also, in case the context gives out the impression of swearing, this rule applies. The moderation team is the final arbiter of what is or is not swearing.
  6. Pornographic, racist or otherwise discriminatory or inappropriate text or images. This can include, but is not limited to: abusive, defamatory, sexist, racist or profane language; disparaging any religion, race, gender, age group, or sexual orientation, threatening persons with actions in real life as well as posting or transmission of any material not suitable for underage persons.
  7. Transcripts of private communication without permission. This includes, but is not limited to, contents of forum Private Messages (PMs), In-Game Messages (IGMs), or emails, as well as conversations via any instant messaging service such as Skype or MSN. Permission from all parties involved must be given prior to posting such material.
  8. Posting of Personal data without permission. Personal information (such as real life name, address or photo) of a member may not be posted without the express consent of the person or people concerned. Minors (under 18 years of age) may only post such information themselves/have such information posted if their legal representative's approval has been given. Upon posting such information, the user expressly asserts his/her age of majority and legal capacity or – for minors – the existence of their legal representative's approval. Any posting of personal data is entirely at the user's own risk.
  9. Discussion of forum bans or infractions. This includes, but is not limited to, private messages, emails and other conversation with the Moderators and Community Managers, considering any ban.
  10. Discussion of in-game bans or punishments. This includes, but is not limited to, in-game messages, emails and other conversations with the Multihunters and Community Managers, considering any ban.
  11. Posts which violate or encourage the violation of the Travian Game Rules or the General Terms & Conditions. This includes, but is not limited to, encouragement of use of illegal tools, scripts, modified web browsers and bug abuse.
  12. Material which could be considered as illegal by the international law as well as the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. This includes, but is not limited to, discussion of “warez” or cracked software. Links pointing to such material are also forbidden.
  13. Material which could be considered as copyright violation by the international law as well as the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. This includes, but is not limited to, pictures and videos. Links pointing to such material are also forbidden.
  14. Advertisements, of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to, thief game links. Users may however show a link in their signature to a fan page which follows the Travian Fansite Policies. Also, showing an advertisement permitted by the Travian Team is allowed.
  15. Large pictures. Pictures included directly into a post may not exceed the size of 640 x 640 pixels. Pictures included into signatures may not exceed the size of 215 x 215 pixels.
  16. Any and all other content deemed inappropriate by forum staff and/or Travian Games.
  17. Any attempt to coerce or provoke other users into breaking the above Rules.

§3 – Punishments

  1. Any account violating this set of forum rules may be warned, banned, deleted, deactivated or otherwise punished by staff members depending on the severity of the infraction inflicted on the forum rules. The ban, deletion, deactivation or punishment may be extended to any other account the forum user in question owns if necessary.
  2. Creating any amount of new accounts to evade a ban, deletion, deactivation or punishment of another account is illegal and will be punished by deletion of the account(s). Posting in the name of a banned person is considered as ban evasion and will be punished accordingly.
  3. Topics and posts which violate the forum rules or General Terms & Conditions may be deleted at moderator discretion.

§4 – Complaints

  1. If you have a complaint or question about a moderator's decision, the complaint should be sent to the Forum Coordinator. When in doubt, contacting a Super Moderator or the Forum Coordinator should either resolve your issue, or point you in the right direction. The email address for contact is
  2. Complaints about the in-game Multihunter team as well as other complaints not covered in this section, should be sent to the Community Manager. The email address for contact is
  3. Posting a thread / multiple threads to resolve a situation involving a complaint about a crew member is against the rules. In addition what is defined in §2 will apply.