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    We're looking for active players in the SW area.
    It would be preferable for your village to have at least a population of 50, bigger is better. I will look over applicants with populations under 50 though.
    Since both I and my partner in this alliance have a good deal of expierence we will take new players and help them along. If you are being farmed, depending on who is farming you, we will do our best to help you out of that jam.

    In return for joining our alliance not only will you be part of a team, but we will do our best to cush all who opose us. ^_^

    If you are interested please PM me with

    Village size
    Number of villages
    Army size

    I can promise you won't regret it.

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    hey idiot. why doesnt anyone who wants a alliance or who is looking for people to join their alliance post the ******* SERVER? alll they ******* do is say can i join or u wanna join but noone knows what the ******* SERVER is are yall some kind of new ****TARD?

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