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    Not sure when it starts ... but Im looking to play again, I have played a few servers in the past ... um sure theres afew who remember me, anyway...I would like to be back with my friends if possible... you guys and gals know who you are... if you lost my info send me a pm.


    Oh yea I was a wing leader ... Dacia~X
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    BABY... RUTH.... BABY... RUTH...
    "Saint Juniper once said- 'By his loins shall ye know him, and by the length of his rod, shall he be measured.' The length of my rod is a secret to all save the Queen, and a thousand turkish wh***s."

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    what would steve rogers do


    s6 starts on November 28...
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    or was it like an epic sauce scholarship like for riding a unicorn under water while listing to The Beatles?

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    i believe we will play again...don't know where yet

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    Instant Message me foo... Ikariam calls you! lol

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    s7 is starting next.
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    I love Spy-der and I want to be in his siggy.
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    What would life be like without Spy-der
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    Spy is right...Its not a suprise i'm just saying
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    Once again I have to say it, do what Spy-der says.

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