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    Strategic Coalition for Domination and Defense
    The alliance will be founded when Server 1 restarts.

    We are the SCDD. We are one and we will fight as one. We offer defense, domination, and lots of fun. We will be known and feared throughout Travian. Though we will be strong and wealthy, we will remain righteous and humble. Those who think that they can wage war on us will be brought down and humored. We are an army of god and fight with dignity and honor.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________
    What do we expect of you?

    Population: this early in the game, it doesn't matter. But after the first month or two it should be around our average population.

    Location: We will have multiple wings in different areas I will be creating my wing in the northwest

    Activity: We will not accept red dots. Once you join, you will be assigned to a "pod." In these pods you will have sitters and they will also help you grow and you will help them grow. The forum will be active so you should be active in it too.

    Loyalty: When you join you are saying that I will defend the players in my alliance and fight against my enemy, and help my confederacies.

    Farming: We do not accept farms but it is alright if yo are raided now and then.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________
    Post a reply if you wish to join containing this.

    Your population:
    Your goals:
    Your tribe and reason for that tribe:
    Your army size (It's okay not to have one early in the game):
    Your experience(Time, servers and achievements):
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________
    We will offer your protection before you join if you send resources to on of the wing leaders.

    Our current size (We are recruiting wing leaders too):

    Wing Leader: Mindrifter

    Wing Leader: Nivoldoog

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    woh, I guess since nobody's replying rude comments, people actually like my alliance...

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    I will be forming an alliance also in the Northeast. Will you be there?

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