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Thread: NW Member Looking for an Alliance (600+ Pop!)

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    Default NW Member Looking for an Alliance (600+ Pop!)


    Population - 618

    Villages - 2

    Army - 250 Pratorians, 20 Equites Cesarias, 20 Equites Imperatoris.

    How active are you - Check in 2-3 times per day. Build continuously. I consider myself very active.

    Previous alliances - NONE.

    Getting farmed? Have in the past, at the moment I am not however. I have had a strong enough army that people have not been attacking me so much.

    Reason why you want to join my alliance.

    The main reason I am looking to join is I'm looking for an alliance that has some advanced people but not TOO advanced. Looking for an alliance that I would be middle of the pack.


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    do you want the invitation to join, with catas? or just TK?

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