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Thread: New alliance proposed in the SW: the Republic

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    i also wanna join this alliance

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    Can I suggest that you send in game names and positions to each other by private message as you are giving information away that could be used against you. Good luck with the alliance.
    Malachai CWL-MI S6 2008/09

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    Default We have interest

    The good people of Pamplemousse humbly request membership in The Republic. We are presently 24 and growing. Our leader, though with us only a short time, is wise and brave. We are a bit deeper in the SW at -88, -374, yet we pledge allegiance to all our gamers-in-arms. We are peaceful, but progressive and will not tolerate aggresson.

    Peace to you all,

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    Default Alliance

    Wrong forum
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    the Desert

    Thumbs up jessbabe in viper village

    hey man i wanna join the republic. just let me know where you are and we can see if i'm in your area.

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    i wanna join, but more sure on my location to, send me a pm and can sort out.

    Username : Threapy

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    Default Guys wtf

    dont give away your in game names or in game cordinates. This thread reads like a please farm me manifesto.

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