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Thread: Introducing - the delta alliance

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    Exclamation Introducing - the delta alliance

    Heya people,

    This post is to tell you about a new alliance called DELTA. at delta we specialise in helping people with say prehaps 20 pop to a hundered - so its perfect for begginers. But it is also good for the higher ranked players! becuase they can help orginise the forums and lots of other differant things.

    we can offer help for people who are experianceing problams with attacks, and lend out some well needed resources.

    Below is a copy of our alliance description:

    Our main aim is to take over as much land as possible and to farm players who are not active we are a peaceful alliance and we donít want to start any wars, but we are not cowards if you attack us we will retaliate with full on force!

    We welcome anyone of any population (for the time being) anywhere around the travian map may it be in the north south east or west. All players are equal and there fore no one within the alliance should feel intimidated or bullied if so tell a alliance leader and the player who is doing it will be kicked.

    In general everybody in this alliance should be having a good time. If you are attacked, you should tell an alliance leader by telling him how badly this is effecting your resources, how much backup you need and also send them a copy of a battle report as this will help them to know what to do with the situation

    It would also be appreciated if you contributed to the forum daily. If you put a message on the forum everybody else in the alliance will be able to read it so donít put anything sill on it. The forum should be used for putting your ideas and messages on. You should get a reply to your message quite soon

    We are now currently recruiteing
    Leader ship positions are now available
    All those who are interested in joining please send a message to DannyCHAMB123

    For more infomation on our alliance look us up or contact me, DannyCHAMB123

    [FONT="Garamond"][U][B]DannyCHAMB123 - we live and we die - we fightB]

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    Default joining alliance

    umm, i am interested in joining. i am in the nw area, -297/34. i am just a beginner though and is more of the peaceful type. thx

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    Default hey can I join

    I am active everynight updating my village, I am new in travian so I need help! thanks! my village name is iammarkuy

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    Default join

    could i join?

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    very active and supporting

    big dogs (362|-97)

    pop 108 and increasing


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    im intrested my cord is 351/118

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    Default Introducing the delta alliance

    We are the democratic republic based alliance Antopia

    Recruiting is open for all.

    so far we are looking for those who just need an alliance to join

    We are not that strict on rules just dont go farming large players that you cant farm.

    Post here if you would like to join
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    Default Introducing the delta alliance

    Im looking for a north west alliance to join.
    Im a new player but Im learning fast, my pop is 51 and rising fast.
    I play Teutons. Reply here or send me a IGM if
    your alliance is recruiting and is based in the NW.

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    Default Introducing the delta alliance

    Got one for you."you join my alliance send me 1000 metal and i wont have my people attack you". Recieved that message from a newb still in thier shield.My response was"hahahHAHAHAHAhaa cough ahahaHHaha."

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