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    Default Thanks to my team

    I only joined late October but I was welcomed into the warmth of MDS very quickly. Soon I became an attack coordinater and during November, December and January we had a very active team though the distance to the enemy for most of us was 24+ hours. I want to thank my team for putting up with all my yelling and orders and mis-typed message. Also for always launching at all the funny times requested even during births and holidays.

    Thanks to Runge, Mandylion, Elvis, Wolle, Amitav, Fieryfrost, Apoc, Hydroponic (first played by Hydro and later passed on to Tank), Li kui, Cloudeyy, Booh, Whitehall, Ocean83, Lester Burnham, Pride (playing apprenticeship), Bally (playing Zrei) and Evil Angel.

    Also thanks to Tots, Deafbat, AC, Bonnot, Dhesy (we girls rock!) and Eti for some good skype talks and Li kui for letting me sit his wonder.

    All you guys rock and it has been an honour to play with you!


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    hey Rigtze, it was nice being bossed by you :P i said it on skype but felt i should mention it here too... good luck in RL.. it's sad that you are not coming back.... but i hope you do

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    you rock rigtze 2008-09: Tots, MDS, 2009: trevrep (MDS) 2010: Kind Dracula (VIP) till w30, then DR Hannibal (VIP), 2011: Hedonism (ZERG)

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