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This is it! Just a few hours ago, Cerberus DS-WW hit the magic level 100 thus making the Southern alliances undefeatable, what happens next is that the server freezes and We have to use our imagination in which ways the north will be punished for their ill will towards the peaceloving Dirty South. Im a bit of a pervert so Michael, Paul, Jelot and 6eccmephto will be dressed in black latex , I will stand above them oiling my Indiana Jones-a-like leather whip, dressed as the devil.

One year ago, just before the Danish server 2 ended with 6hrs margin between the leading 3, Stig and the rather sane half of Falco, compared their veneral diceases on msn, when one of them suddenly came up with the idea of gathering who they knew as the best Danish players, and have a go on one of the hardest servers of travian: the .com’s. The idea was well received by this bunch of primadonnas and megalomanic danes, and before we even got to chose a quadrant, we counted about 75 accounts (including preplaced spyaccounts) and off we went. As we wanted to start of peacefully, we waited for about 2 weeks before registering, which resulted in a nice placement in a quartering about 100 fields from origin. You can say that we at that time already surrounded You Give, Legacy and BM .

The first sign on WBBP being something special, came with a You Give dude who took a 15c Oreum was about to settle. We pushed him with 1hr res for catas, and he removed the poor guy fast. This showed us that even if the alliance was made of excentrics, We could perform teamwork and support, plan ahead and follow through. The rest is history, You Give was defeated without a single shot fired. Compared to its pop, YG was the alliance with most spies seen on this server. And we only had 1, Lucky had 10 or 11. We faked well, propagandized on forum and one day their leader and excellent motivator Juddok, was suddenly worn out after a failed pushing plan in our area. When he left YG collapsed and WBBP took the leading role in SW being the largest and most well organized there.

Sadly one of our confeds, Legacy, didn’t quite coop with our politics. We wouldn’t accept our confeds recruiting our bread, the farms, and we wouldn’t accept settling in our 7x7 without prior agreement. Allthough our excellent diplomat and later co-leader Dean Moriarty tried to reason with them, no results were made and the confed was history. Legacy died slowly, very slowly indeed and alongside with them, BM too. We’ve often been critizised for not clearing out our quadrant, but this was part of our strategy, or should I say greed of our players. Most was left untouched because the WBBP players wanted the farm or waited for the villages to grow fat so they could join the bacon empire allthough reluctantly. And then again, we always loved war, look what peace did to poor LOS, they suffered a lot from inactivity from what ive “heard” of.

I need to mention our first confed Lucky here. Lucky had problems with the leadership from day one. They changed leaders almost every 2nd month but luckily (har har) they had so many to take over with potential and We didn’t even notice most of the times. When LOS found out that many Luckies were easy prey and acted upon it (after getting thouroughly beaten by the WBBX main wing), they We’re in great trouble and We decided to offer them to join the baconist, which Im glad to say, they accepted. Uniro on the other hand, never had problems and was a good and loyal friend until the end. Another loyal friend was the alliance Sunder who we worked with from the very start. An excellent bunch and very eager to learn. When the midserver inactivity kicked in, they took our offer on submitting to the WBBX leadership.

I think we did ok, as 7even said We had surpricingly many WW cleaners, which is not that surpricing when we take into consideration that our WW preparations started around week 12 of the server. MDS had a lot too, being the aggressive bunch they are. I think we chose the right strategy having that many WW’s since LOS/DTO was forced to divide their armys 6 ways.
Also I would like to point out Joker on Von Blucher’s effective WW attack strategy did its work. All the smallish armies who wouldn’t do any good when the enemy WW’s got decent defence, was put to good use on the right time, which means early. Another lovely strategy was thought by Sheisserick and carried out by our Haggar. It consisted of simply attacking and cropkilling the enemy WW’s villages before or just after theyre been cleared and taken. Worked on Yvorys WW. Jokers strategy and hard work, resulted in those 15 “wasted” armies on Scottish since the other WW’s didn’t really have anything to crush or they posed no threat on us. Had he had only half the armies we had here, that strategy would have won the server anyways.

And now for the shoulder clapping and general gratitude:

Stig for creating the alliance and at least as important the infrastructure of it. A wise leading with loads of experience, a magnificent support in hard times. He stepped down last summer, leaving WBBX to me and Dean M. He then became the advisor of Your wildest dreams.

Falco for doing the same (stepping down) and playing his role perfectly in the early serverstages. Also a good friend of mine, a lazy bum but with great humor. He laid the ground for the WW preparations last autumn, he also gathered the armyinfo and was a great help. Allthough he is a clown he is also a great leader, not at all the idiot you would presume. A good support when things came rambling down. Worh mentioning was Falco’s attempt on Edragons CP. He would have made it if he had just remembered the 10% attackbonus and NOT starving his army all the way up there!

Von Blucher/Nattens Messias a great organizer and the softie from the management. His diplomatic skills was of great help and avoided several catastrophes in our contact between us and our confeds. A great and skilled advisor.

Von Blucher/Joker. Im very very pleased that he chose to leave the useless RL and help with the endgame. Before the endgame joker was passive and concentrated mostly on breathing, but coming back and taking charge of the WW attack planning, and helping me with the internal crisises, makes me wish I was 10 years younger, and a woman. Our enemies felt his strategic insight on their own bodies, the WW’s wasn’t a pretty sight after him. I also want to point out that when it comes to Travian, Joker knows virtually everything

Erik Bloodaxe/flor. When being a leader of a great alliance, you just cant show enough gratitude towards a guy like Flor. Allways willing to help, always online, always kind, very skilled player, sexy as hell. When You being stressed as a leader he is there to help calm things down. Not afraid to work, not afraid to help, and a great guy to chat with. THE one player putting must work into the welfare of WBBX. A great friend and a skilled wavebreaker and of couse a solid defensive coordinator. I can speak on behalf of all of WBBX to say we salute You!

Erik Bloodaxe/Karl is one of those who lead by example. Karl used most of the server critizising the leaders but agreed to help out later on. He was one of the architects behind the MDS connection, a great advisor and a great diplomat. Also he is a great guy and a skilled player. He sadly lost his breath but his effort is as big as any.

These guys I worked closely with for most of the server.