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    Question Hero Questions

    Hi I'm new to the game and have a few questions about Hero's.

    First what is the point of regeneration points? Maybe its because my Hero hasn't leveled yet (only about 40 enemy kills), but I just have pay to activate him when he dies and there is no wait period so what do regeneration points allow me to do?

    Secondly is what is the best way to level up a Hero? Do I just have to wait til people around me grow armies I can fight or wait to fight off raiding parties or is there a better way?


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    suppose ur hero has 50% hit points..and ur regeneration /day is day it will be 60..dont let him die..if u dont want to pay resources. wait and let him regenerate.

    best way is to send large army to either an oasis or village..oasis is best option i guess
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    How about using the Search tool and click search this thread and look for "Hero" and you'll find all you know on hero's and the go to the Help Page and read some more there
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