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Thread: ...hammers not used...

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    Quote Originally Posted by G3rMaN View Post
    PublicEnemy would've been a nice army.
    But i doubt this army is real.

    They could all be forged.

    Why bother posting them here, this guys are stupid enough not to send their armies.
    They are not forged btw!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sascja View Post
    You should laugh, you have not heard kraken?

    contains irony
    what do you mean about kraken?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Santi View Post
    Yes, the best main romans, but...

    48 founded villages
    This is travian or cultivates your garden?

    This is my hammer, little but nice
    I don't care.You can say anything but I planned to play like this since before this server start due I have more work responsible in my RL. This is the best I can do for this round, cooperation and one hammer that's enough.

    And also provide some 150k parking spot for Ayo friend too
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    if u dont care,why u care posting "u don't care"?

    he just said what's fun in that?he's not criticizing,just trying to understand why pepole go play far and not stay where the wars are.

    I Didn't Know That A Legend Does Disappear!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KoF View Post
    no need to send them since our enemy were so weak.
    we just needed to use 50% of our armies...

    maybe some of us should have attacked our own wws, so it would have been a more fair race :P
    How gay is this..?
    Building 4 months for NOT sending it?

    In my eyes just stupid.

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    this is mine

    Mephisto Wallace

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