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    Quote Originally Posted by Photon7908 View Post
    hm... it'll help in the early stages... I'm back with another very basic idea to improve the game's functionality.

    When you're facing multiple attacks, then it gets difficult to find out which one came when. So TG should introduce a search function to find that out. The search function would help find reports by time, alliance, player, and/or troops/resources (?) lost.
    But what should be the input of the search function...
    I mean... What should you put?Alliance name? Date?

    What should be the input?
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    If u were made of ice cream u would lick yourself to death

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    Default allies UTC for timing attacks

    there is already a location on the screen for the time but most people set that for their own time zone

    it would be great to see two different times one that is set always to UTC time zone which would allow for more and easier timing of defences with just a quick look at the UTC time

    Everyone will then be using one consistant time with less possibility of timing error
    so many people ive seen in alliances are mixed up with the timing and what UTC even means
    it would be great to have it dumbed down to two times
    one constant set to UTC 0
    the other set by player to thier local time

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    Default New *Units/Improvements

    Well, I have been tossing a few ideas around in which we could either have 2 new units or have new attributes added to the hero:

    New Units:
    1.Interceptor-Interceptors can be used for 2 reasons. First, to send out to scout incoming attack parties so you know what is about to hit you, or second, to lead your army to intercept the oncoming attack and battle in the field. This comes in handy if a large attack is imminent or you want to disable rams/cats before they arrive.
    2.Sentry-This unit travels with the attacking party to scout out the area ahead of them, preventing Interceptors from being able to scout out the attacking party.

    Both of these units should be high level and rather expensive, less than a chief though. Items introduced using silver should be how to upgrade these units.

    Hero Idea: Instead of adding these new units, you can add them as attributes to the hero's abilities. This way, you can customize your hero to be able to both be a sentry or an interceptor. One has defensive attributes while the other has offensive attributes. The attributes should sum up how accurate they are at scouting an attacking party, how successful they will be at scouting without being detected, and how fast they can intercept and return to the home village.

    Another idea I thought about is called the plague: With the plague, you get to a certain point in the server and unleash a plague among the world. If you cannot thwart this natarrian attack or have either found or purchased a medallion of some sort, your village gets turned into a Natar village. Then, you play the rest of the server as a Natar and fight to win as a Natar. There should be Alliances for the Natars as well, but only 1 per quadrant. All troops and buildings you have during this attack will simply become the Natar equivilant.

    Hope you like some of these ideas

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    Mak possible to send Message to multiple players

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    Hi , there is no actualy a problem with anything i just have a suggestion for you guys where you can earn extra money with a simple offer.
    > many ppl when they build in their village like to have all buildings at the same spot so their villages looks identical.
    > the problem is when they want to chief another person village and they do it , the buildings inside are not in the same order for them like they have for the rest of their villages.
    > So maybe you can make like idk an ability that cost 10 gold and gives you like 30 minutes to rearange your building in the order that you want them to be so they are all identical like in the rest of your villages.
    > This is just a thought where you guys can make more money,
    > Gj btw keep up the good work
    > Thank you for listening

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