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    Default RangerDW Alliance SW

    Accepting Active players
    We are a very young Alliance that is growing very well on server 4 in the south west sector I am looking for active players that are able to work together and are willing to participate and communicate within the alliance. I may also be doing some leadership shaking up if you prove to me you are worthy to replace some of my weaker council members. If your interested I am Cory Boi from the village Raven leader of the RangerDW Alliance.

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    Default coordinates

    what is your coordinates?mine is x-96 y-245 please reply fast so that you can join me in the alliance

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    X= -236
    Y= -215
    Very Active
    Currently Beginner, but Aggressively expanding

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    Default Im interested

    coordinates = [-159] [-283]
    im always playing . . . 3 times a day
    although it's my start . . . im
    trying to be more stronger. .

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    Default joining.

    Hi, i just recently joined travian, but already got my hand on the game.
    My ruler name is Twitch, and my village is located in the South West. (-139,-292)
    Im new and my population is only up to 73, but im staying active and check the game every day.
    I need an alliance that will give me the protection i need. In return, I will support and help other members however i can, to give thealliance even more power.

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