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    Cool The blackhawkz

    hey my fellow players.... a new alliance is up The BlackHawkz...

    The BlackHawkz is a new alliance, we're still very small, but we are well protected. Therefore, you won't feel like you're just one in a crowd, but you don't have to worry about raiders and enemies either.

    we offer the following:
    1) any amount of reinfocement troops you need when your under attacked.
    2)food supply.
    3)and many more, just contact us for more details.

    we only ask of you to be a regular online player. and is willing to improve your villge etc

    we`re located in the comx sever... cordinates are (-208|166) very soon HawkTon Empire will take over....

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    lol i just checked u out ur like rank 1000 alliance. rofl you might want to expand that no offence

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