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Thread: Game Rules - Your Questions

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    Default Rules for Sitting an Account

    I have been sitting an account for a time now. From what I understand the owner of the account has been very,very ill. There is no time table at the moment for their return to the game. Is there a limit on how long I can sit for them without them being active, ie logging in and out? I would hate to see their account go to waste.

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    Default fake or attack on sitter

    If someone had send FAKE attack on sitter which they had sit, are they ban in account??

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    Default NAP-Normal attack?

    Is it legal to send a NORMAL attack to a player who have a NAP with me?
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    Legenden Johan

    Default Same PC usage and sitter function

    2.1 Sitting
    "Every player has the right to name two sitters who may play the account during an owner's absence."
    -Is it allowed to use the sitter function to keep an account more active. Fx sit the account when it's owner is cooking, sleeping or so? - Or is it abuse?

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    Default new years truce

    How does the cease fire apply?

    Does it apply to launch, arrival, or some sort of combo? Will attacks launched prior to cease fire land if they arrive after the cease fire time? Will they be allowed based on arrival? When do they resume? Will attacks only be allowed after the ceasefire and so forth.

    I think you get the idea. Thank you for your response.

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