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Thread: End Of Server - Best Wishes & Regards

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    Default End Of Server - Best Wishes & Regards

    Well it seems like the server will end soon and AIM U (might) END up winning... u may see a few hits but I’m more than confident of the defence you guys have their

    Please accept my regards for a server well played to the team at U-End... Leaders, all those big hammers and of course all WW holders ... My sincere apologies for not taking names here as they were just too many of you who impressed me with the respective roles you played in the Win and this would become a way long a post if I list you guys down

    I invite friends from TWP, NW and Grid in joining me in congratulating the U-End Meta, though each of us hates being on the losing side I request u to shall stand and applaud the magnificent game play displayed.

    Last but not the least: I thank everyone associated with the TWP / NW / GRID for standing up and fighting a battle most thought was lost months back… I salute the undying sprit of every soul which played along till the end… the reinforcements we had at our WW was truly amazing… with the number of hits on us and the defence points that Mistress has, speak for the defence we could manage… I thank Mistress D for the passion she displayed building our WW and taking all those hits in her stride.

    I thank all leaders with the North West for motivating the team and keeping so many players going till the end of the server… I have a lot of guys to thank personally… and I’m sure they all know how much I appreciate their efforts… I will try to send IGM’s to all the friends I have made on this game and thank them for standing with the NW / Grid / TWP all along. Yet again cant list down names here as there are just way 2 many Wish to see every NW player come back and hopefully win the next round

    P.S. i may have upset some people along the way, i request them to please accept my sincere apologies...

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    Thanks all .. no worry gills, i didn't hate being in the losing side .. and you've done great service to all of us.

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    I see your opinion about Charlie at other topic and your IGM to his account, don't guess that, Gills. Charlie at forum do his work and his works seems make us very disappointed.


    I can't login to S5 right now, because the admin busy to do something with the server, prepare for the WW lv 100 appearl with their finish conclusion speed.

    We, the Team VietNam, had tried out best to have good ending with our friend in META after more than 10 months playing together. We are at the border of NE-NW directly at frontier against RONIN,HATE, GRID... and we had did our role for META here plus nearly reach lv WW 100 in the NW area. Really regret.

    Thank team of leader from META, especially JayDee for your leading and supporting.

    Thank to friends from META, hammer and def from your side had helped us a lot.

    Nothing could change our winning in this round.

    If we could say, see you next round.

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    It's been a fun year here (mostly), met lots of in game friends and worthy foes. Megatron out. Here's to hoping no more WW armies come repeatedly my way in the future attempt.

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    I can safely say after playing the last 'epic' s5, that this was the WORST server I have ever played on in terms of opposition. There were some notable enemies, I_AM_DELETING, Abyss, Dr Atsal, Multi-king BIO to name but a few but overall this server was a joke.

    I had fun trying to out-farm Lolek and CTRL-Q with my co-player, but alas, we never came up trumps

    If I had to pinpoint 1 reason this server sucked so much, it would be a lack of hardcore leadership in the opposition. The mass deletion of the original NW leaders (and letting Sammy lead in the 1st place) effectively killed the game which is sad.

    Congrats to the weiners, commiserations to the lewsers.

    Pat on the back to Knee yoh. Class act as always

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    gratulations for not starving to death out of boredom, but keeping playing to reaching lvl 100

    This has been the worst server ever. (because the plan was to unite all alliances in 1 team, however some alliances chose not to, more should have decided that > all these big alliances...uniting in stead of going for the win themselves? it's unheard of...well until now)

    I am happy to have been part of the opposition and do something useful, else i WOULD have died of boredom

    congratulations to mistress D for keeping up spirits and stubbornly continuing

    thanks for reaching lvl 100 before Christmas this year hahahaha

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    Talking congratulation

    hi to all
    i came back
    U WON
    i am glad for ending this serevr
    congratulation for U-END members
    and twp( specially nw meta) cos they stand against u-end with empty hand
    ur work be great

    i hope all enjoy travian
    nice to meet u

    see u later( very soon)
    any body know when s5 start againe?

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    So, server is coming to an end.
    It was exiting in the beginning and midgame and completely boring in endgame.
    I"d like to congratulate my teammates for such overwhelming victory (no WW villlages left on our opponent's side), my props to Neo, JD and all counsil whos planning made this victory possible.

    Grats to our opponents, who fought till the end and managed to retain top offence (Ayvengo) and top defence (Mistress D) ranks.

    Grats lolek&bolek and SkyFlakes for being top pop players (I guess you decided not to compete with each other for such title).

    And finally, grats to my AsC alliance for being top pop and top offence alliance in game.

    See you all next server if I find myself co-player.

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    Congrats Aim and the rest of the Meta, Neo for his planning, to all of his generals for their brilliant strategy and to Lady Purple for her integrity! Rag hit us with some of the best attacks I've seen and UA and Rev simply were exahausting with their 24/7 attacks even before the WW's were released. Arm and ASC, Rem TVN, just as good. All the respect, we tried every tactic we knew of, it just wasn't enough.

    To all of the NW, for many months I witnessed firsthand your efforts of crop, resources, and defense....thank you all. On a personal note, Gills, Ffred, Mistress D, we came together a little too late but I know how much you all sacrificed, thank you!

    Congratulations to the winners!


    P.S. Many friends didn't make it to the end and others I did not have the opportunity to let you know what I was doing, thank you none-the-less, Battila, Robster, Maxic, Zalmy, Dagar, Keyser, Wyr, X, Prem, Obe, and Vinc, and any that I forgot...too many to list.
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    To all of the NW, for many months I witnessed firsthand your efforts of crop, resources, and defense....thank you all. On a personal note, Gills, Ffred, Mistress D, we came together a little too late but I know how much you all sacrificed, thank you!

    Congratulations to the winners!


    NOSRAL... my guess was wrong... guess i should have asked u well we sure came along a little late but we did and yes indeed Nosral was our hidden leader... truly someone who kept me, Mistress, Ffred and quite a few other leaders going... thanks Nos and will be back to fight hand in hand again

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