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Thread: From Satan himself

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    Default From Satan himself

    Toast, toast, toast, they said.
    I guess I must oblige...

    After 11 months of toil, our victory has been secured. For many of you, we have been together for nearly two years now and I could not have asked for a stronger, more tightly knit group of players. Dominance comes in many shapes and forms but it is with class and grace we accept this victory.

    From the very first week of the server, Revelation has pillaged, razed, and clawed its way to the top. Despite what naysayers may claim, we slew plenty of alliances and players to achieve our status in the end game. Let no one take that away from you. What other meta has laid claim to all 13 World Wonders? Weíve built so many armies that the enemy WWs never made it past level 60. Our remaining armies were used to hunt all the other offensive armies on the server. Be proud of what we were able to accomplish as a team.

    My regards, respect, and thanks to those who made Server 5 what it was.

    To team Accord, agf, AOE, bookworm, ctrl-q, Dworkin, ecnats, e-roc, Gum, Jaide, kanzyani, team kahleen, Peter Pan, qmallow, Rage, team Segel, wenogg, Whisky Warrior:
    You were all Revelationís Might. WW armies are time-consuming to build and for the most part, many of you had single digit uses for your army. Patience is a virtue and I thank you for building those weapons of mass destruction on behalf of the alliance.

    To Lady Purple, Tonia Ratched, uviteru, voltage and the rest of U.A:
    I could not have asked for truer allies for the duration of the server. I appreciate your faith in Revelation and me when there were false rumors of betrayal. Players claims U.A never pulled their own weight but Aim thanks you for nullifying potential threats (to his World Wonder). I know you guys were sincere in every attempt. For two servers, weíve gone through thick and thin. I am proud to have you as my allies.

    To my High Council, asiankid3, Chmeee, Edge, easytarget, Fellgernon, flyingfox, Gum, Haploid, IntoTheWow, Jaide, JayDee, kurva, New-Caprica, Rayda, Rish, Rosa, sUP_yO, The Necromancer, Yitz:
    You guys kept me sane. When there was simply too much to do, many of you stepped up to help me out. Planning and coordination are an immense pain but necessary and vital. I would have easily burned out if I was not surrounded with such an impressive core.

    To JayDee:
    My own personal military strategist. The NorthWest fell faster and harder because of your diligent attack plans. I definitely learned my share of strategy from you.

    To sUP_yO (FiZiX in game):
    If I was Revelationís Heart, you were our Fighting Spirit. In my four years of playing Travian, you are the best overall player Iíve seen, bar none. It was a pleasure being your co-player. Iím just sad you couldnít be with us at the end.

    To Zileas:
    Another retiree but it was great to have gotten to know you. One of the very few players Iíve actually met in real life, Zileas, you definitely made Server 5 more exciting.

    To our honored rivals (Abyss, AtcoN, baaldrix, Dr.AtsaL, felfel, Garth, gills village, hansolo, I_AM_LEGEND, lsmonkey, MarPet, madmike, Nosral, The Iceman, SALL, Self Control SneakyRussian, Woomba)
    It was a challenge to fight each and every one of you. Many of you did not make it to end game yet I feel it is necessary to applaud your tenacity and abilities. Being on opposing ends does not mean I wonít give respect where it is due. On the contrary, all of you had my attention because I knew the immense threat you could and would become if we left you alone.

    To all U-EnD members:
    It was a pleasure serving as your meta leader for the past 11 months. Travian is only as fun as those that surround you. Our alliance was a family, we defended one another, attacked as one, helped those rebuild who suffered damage. The public forum trumpeted my name time and time again but Iím simply a cog in this well oiled war machine. I give my final thanks to those of you who followed my orders to the dot. Brilliant military plans would not look so brilliant without the collective group that heeds the call.

    I do hope this server was as fun for all of you, as it was for me.

    For U-EnD,
    For Victory,

    S4, round 1, -TL- | S5, round 2, )S.P(
    S5, round 3, ReV | S1, round 5, ]I[
    x2, round 1, PKs | S7, round 5, =W=

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    so can we know who the spies in the NW where? I think now that the server is won we can let the dirty laundry hang without fear Neo...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LLL Excalibur View Post
    so can we know who the spies in the NW where? I think now that the server is won we can let the dirty laundry hang without fear Neo...
    karkad and me
    Last edited by mrjaydee; 18.08.2009 at 03:49.

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    Zomg Satan speaks....

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    Thank you neo. It was really great working with you. All members of U-End alliances were perfect.

    Our U.A members could not have been more ideal. Every request given was met past my expectations every time. I am unsure how any enemy could have a hope of functioning against us with such great allies and awesome members.

    What an incredible total victory: All enemies defeated such that they could not hold even a single wonder.

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    Default A server of ascendancy

    Great game Neo, Jaydee and the entire team... if i had to nominate a meta to the server of champions it would have to be you guys and all my money on your victory.. you guys displayed outstanding strategy doubled with tremendous fire power. Dont worry about what people write on the forum or elsewhere, a lot was said about the server being boring or onesided but its only because you won this server in 6 months while a lot of them dont manage the win even after 12 months, nothing can take away this glory away from you. You guys were indeed the best i have seen..

    Its a shame that we will have to fight such admired opponent when we return, unless someone bigger shows up on S5 to fight you guys, we will try to stand up as a worth opponent

    Thanks and regards...

    Till we meet again... signing off

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjaydee View Post
    karkad and me
    karkad never revealed himself,that is the best spy ever... never didnt even menchen him in this text.
    ......... I wanna wake up in the city that never sleeps ......


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    Good Luck and Good Hunting!

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    Great speech Neo, and a great way to end this Server. I've posted some final thoughts and info on Travian Champions.

    Good luck to everyone in their future games! I'm sure I'll be talking to some of you again in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjaydee View Post
    karkad and me
    Who were you on com5? I thought you were in Rem-Tvn

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