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Thread: where to-2nd village-???

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    Default where to-2nd village-???

    I'm going to get my second village. far is it too far to settle my second village?
    Lets say i was in (120, 221) and I wanted to settle in (123, 227) too far???
    I don't think so but I thought I'd get a second opinion, or a few more than that...
    also its a 9c vill

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    That is less than 7 squares away. That is more than near enough if you want to cluster your villages..

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    If that is a cropper then you should have taken it sooner but if its just another feeder village then its purpose isn't really served by being close usually you want those fairly separate so that later on when your feeding to multiple villages you aren't spending unnecessary time waiting for them to arrive.

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