Only post in this section if your want to apply for an alliance in the server 5.

There are some things you should know about posting your apply. To make sure you have the best change to get the desired responce you can place the following aspects in your post:
Post something like the following:

- What requirements do you want an alliance to have?
- What are your co-ordinates?
(South West - South East- North West- North East? )
- What is your population?
- How long have you played Travian?
- What is your strategy? (Peacefull, aggressive etc)
- How active are you??

An application of only "i need an alliance please contact me." and no other information will be deleted without notice. Comments on the application and its poster wich in anyway is not what was requested or unneeded will be deleded and infracted.
Besides these topics created by alliances in search of new members will also be deleted since they posses their own section within the embassy.