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Thread: Request for service agents in the dark watching the issue of China

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    Default Request for service agents in the dark watching the issue of China

    Hello everyone, I am from China, the server players. Published an article here is mainly the server could not understand Chinese agents too dark ~ led him to this newly opened clothing near S2 have a lot of Major League exit. Robotics events occurred throughout the northeast quadrant but also an unlimited number of accounts is to give titles of. Tribal war is a good game but the agents do not operate properly, what does? Want to face the German side of the staff a good look at this incident, the question ~ I do not understand English are used to translate translate web site and may you will not understand it but would like to play China in the international service after the players to see posts that do not claim to be literate statement changed a bit longer for me to say something. S2 victims of

    大家好,我是来自中国服务器玩家。来这里发表文章主要是看不惯中国服务器的代理商太黑暗了~导致今次新开服 不久的S2很多大联盟纷纷退出.机器人事件使整个东北象限出现了无限多的账号而且还要是给封号的。部落战争 是一个很好的游戏但是代理商不好好运作有什么呢?希望德方的人员好好正视一下这次事件的问题~我不懂英语都 是用翻译网站来翻译的,可能你们会看不明白但也希望在国际服玩的中国玩家看帖以后把不通顺的语句修改一下再 帮我发表一下. S2的受害者

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