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Thread: WW Discussions Pt. 3 & Hammer Analysis

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    Default WW Discussions Pt. 3 & Hammer Analysis

    Sorry to have started a new thread on this, but i guess there has been so many exchanges in the previous threads that i got a bit lost.
    In any case, here is the summary for last week's events (i hope i did not miss anything) - please feel free to update me if needed

    Attachment 1453

    PS: @RandomGeek, if you happen to update your site, please insert the link in this thread, or send it to me so i put it on the first post. Thx

    Edit Dec 07:
    Quote Originally Posted by Randomgeek View Post
    I posted a lot of Glodetrotter's recap on Travian Champions, with a few additional notes
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    Default On the MFD ONE front:

    Brush Monkey:
    Level: 75 / Population: 699

    The first to be targeted this week was Brush Monkey. Brush Monkey held a very good position earlier in the week as his WW reached level 91. SL obviously couldn’t let him go unharmed, and therefore decided finally to unleash a few deadly strikes on him, as per the following battle reports:

    Nov 24th@ 16:00

    The operation was a success, for SL succeeded in taking out the wall with the first wave (using 11.6K rams). All following hammers had a small amount of rams included, leaving no chance for a wall level to be rebuilt. 3 GWs were destroyed, and the WW was taken down from 91 to 75.

    The result was probably that MFD had to shift all its attention and defense once again to Codename’s WW, their best bet for the win.

    Level: 98 / Population: 979

    Once again this week, Codename was not spared, which was to be expected being the leading WW with only a couple of levels away from victory.

    SL this time unleashed more hammers than the last time, and we have seen one of the biggest hammers of the servers so far smash itself onto the WW, reducing it by two levels only. Codename’s WW was already on level 98, with 99 and 100 probably queued. After the blow, it was taken down to 96, but is currently again on 98.

    But the WW was not the only target, as some infrastructure was also taken down (luckily for SL), as per the following battle reports:

    Nov 27th @ 10:00

    From the battle reports, we notice that once again SL has failed to take down the wall (2 levels only were taken down by an 8K rammer). Everybody knew that Codename was going to be madly reinforced, and that the wall would be an issue. Many discussions on this forum mentioned the failure of several WW attacks due to the failure of taking down the wall first. So this leaves us wondering one thing: does SL still have any decent ram hammer capable of taking down a well defended wall?

    Now despite causing delay to Codename (all in all, 2 GW from 20 to 12, another GW from 19 to 11, WW from 98 to 96), the attacks were however not as successful as they could have been, for the largest hammer so far (from Brezzok&Anarchy) was misused by targeting twice the WW instead of a single targeting. The last hammer fell a few hours later, but did no damage at all despite hitting few minutes after a Natar strike. Had B&A targeted the WW on a single strike, he could have brought it further down and the last hammer could have nailed another couple of levels instead of going to waste.

    As a result, Codename remains the favorite for the win, for the other contenders (from SL) are still further behind, with more MFD & LOD hammers to be unleashed.

    Level: 78 / Population: 645

    Reddadude was another possible choice for MFD as he reached level 90. However, MFD’s focus was shifted towards Codename’s WW, leaving Reddadude’s WW a rather “easy” target for the SL hammers, and at the same time hammers on Codename were landing, Reddadude’s WW was getting attacked.

    Nov 27th @10:00 late addition

    The attacks, as per the above battle reports, were a success in general. The wall was taken down completely by an 8K rammer (compare with the damage done by the 8K rammer against Codename… this will give you an idea about the defenses in each). The following hammers chewed 7 GWs and 1 GGs, putting Reddadude’s WW completely out of the race. Not to mention the last hammer that knocked down the WW from 90 to 78.

    It is worth mentioning that necrolyte, despite having a much smaller hammer than Brezzok&Anarchy’s, managed to become top attacker of the week with 145K kills as opposed to B&A’s 138K, mainly due to the heavy resistance at Codename’s WW (and the wall of course…)

    Level: 60 / Population: 706
    All seems quiet on Trinity after last week’s madness that saw her WW taken all the way down to 0. Trinity is currently slowly rebuilding, but is far from being a contender for now.

    And here are the graphs:
    Attachment 1464
    Attachment 1465
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    Default On the LOD front:

    Level: 91 / Population: 764

    Sparticus was the leading LOD WW, not far away from the lead, and hence another logical choice for SL targets. The attacks were a success in general as the following battle reports show:

    Nov 25th @ 06:00

    The opening wave was a very large ram hammer with more than 18K rams (one of the biggest seen so far) that completely knocked the wall down. 6 GWs were destroyed, and according to the last hammer that took out a woodcutter, one might conclude that there are no GWs anymore in the WW. However, the WW itself was left untouched.

    Level: 81 / Population: 685

    Simethered’s WW was left alone this week after the heavy damage it took earlier. He is currently slowly recovering and building again.

    Level: 87 / Population: 905

    Lethal has been spared so far and is currently still slowly progressing. His infrastructure seems quite complete to take him all the way to 100, and therefore presents himself as a very serious contender in the near future. Have LOD shifted their attention to his WW after the hits on Sparticus and Simethered slowed down their respective WWs?

    Level: 0 / Population: 467

    The surprise of the week: a small alliance took over Phoca’s WW in what seemed to be another disaster for SL. However, from discussions in the forum and the battle report below, it seems that Phoca’s WW was left pretty much defenseless as the troops were redirected to other WWs…,9626528f829

    or withdrawn prior to the attacks by the new rebels who had access to it... late addition

    And the graphs:
    Attachment 1466
    Attachment 1467
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    Default On the SL / OZ front:

    Level: 91 / Population: 838

    On SL / OZ’s side, the first WW to have seen some action was that of Fire&Ice. That was again a logical choice as F&I held the leading WW for the SL / OZ side. The village came under tremendous fire from LOD’s armies. However, the results were not as expected, as per the battle reports below:

    Nov 26th @ 05:35

    Once again, mighty armies failed to take out the wall. The opening hammer included 7.3K rams and an equivalent amount of catas. The result was that the earth wall was damaged by 3 levels only. Several hammers had no impact whatsoever, and the overall result was that the WW was taken down from level 90 to 88, and 1 GW was slightly damaged (from 20 to 19 and then from 19 to 16).

    It is worth mentioning that Fire&Ice’s defense was thought to be one of the best on the server at the time of impact. As a result, Fire&Ice still seems in a better position than the other SL / OZ WWs to challenge Codename for the win.

    Level: 91 / Population: 986

    Bandrit has been quiet this week, although sporadic attacks and raiding / scouting parties were quite active. Since MFD was the only Meta not to launch this week, one might assume that they are getting ready for a great hit out here.

    Level: 91 / Population: 960

    Shakal has now rejoined the chasing peloton after a huge setback in the previous week. He could now present himself as a substitute to Bandrit’s WW, and who knows, maybe to Fire&Ice’s too. This leaves the opponents a strike against 3 potential contenders.

    Level: 65 / Population: 840

    Lubricious has shared his plans for some time probably with Shakal, which has allowed him to build a few extra WW levels. However, with Shakal in a very decent position now, will he still share his plans with Lubricious?

    Level: N/A / Population: N/A

    Once again Phoca makes the news… this time, not by losing the plans, but by losing the WW village altogether to a LOD wing. Some say it was a betrayal, others say it was a very well thought plan. Well, there will be threads where this one will be discussed.

    And the graphs:
    Attachment 1468
    Attachment 1469
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    Default Top 5 Hammers / tribe & category

    PS: you can refer to the following thread for previous postings:

    Attachment 1459

    On the Teuton side, this week gave us new entries in the Top 5 Teuton hammers that have struck WW villages, with Brezzok&Anarchy's being the most impressive hammer so far unleashed. Sybil, Appache and Prokos are the other new names that made it to the top 5

    Attachment 1462

    On the Gaul side, only PopMyTaco made it to the top 5, mainly on the Cata side.

    Edit: added a hammer (Lurifax) that was launched on the 9th of November against Shakal. He is definitely the most powerful in cata power so far

    Attachment 1470

    As for the Romans, necrolyte and Airbuster are the new names, with Airbuster being the most impressive Roman cata power of the server so far.

    Edit (dec 01): thx to the latest reports from the Nov 9th strikes, we can see some changes on the top 5 Roman hammers side, with the appearance also of the first Roman Rammer (dayana) - though this Rammer is still surpassed by its Teuton equivalents
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    Default Overall Top Hammers / category

    As for the overall top hammers per category:
    Attachment 1463

    Here you can notice that B&A's hammer is by far the most impressive, especially in terms of Total Resources, Attacking Power (troops only), & Consumption. However, note that despite its size, he hardly makes it to the top 5 Cata Hammers.

    The #1 Ram Hammer remains with magic.yang (Teuton), while we have a new #1 Cata Hammer with Airbuster (Roman) who has put the barrier quite high... Edit: the late addition of Lurifax's hammer sets the barrier even higher...

    PS: i didn't have much time for deeper analysis for all of the above posts as i got busy this week, but i am sure some people were keeping close track of all the events, and their additional feedback is more than welcome - and please report to me any potential mistakes too

    PS2: all the above info is based on reports that have been posted (mainly against WWs), as i am sure there must be some more hammers out there that have served different purposes but were not reported

    PS3: and please let's try to keep this thread spam-free and especially flame-free. there are many other threads were you can all show your love to one another
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    Phoca WW's defence wasn't redirected elsewhere. We were betrayed by one of the WW sitters and the defenses were sent home before the attack/s struck.

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    thx globe!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Globetrotter74 View Post

    Attachment 1458

    As for the Romans, necrolyte and Airbuster are the new names, with Airbuster being the most impressive cata power of the server so far.
    Great work, lets hope this stays spam free

    this roman link has all gaul troop types btw in the list name.

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    awesome analysis

    love it!!!

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