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Thread: The FUN alliance - for those who would like to see it

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    Pardon me for not trying to get a WW for ourselves only while fighting all alliances on the server :P You are contradicting yourself cause how we played at the end is exactly how MNU from exex s6 played - allied and merged with OMNI WW alliance making OMNU. OMNU = MFD.
    And once again - You betrayed 2 alliances you were in so, please, you are the last person that can judge any1. As for the reasons, they really dont matter one bit and dont pretend that you have good reasons cause I know every single detail what happened and you do not have any explanation for what you did.

    On a different note - I wonder why did you start flaming me and FUN in this thread. I did not mention you when I wrote my story and I could have. I decided not to mention you since I did not intend to flame any1 except the guy who backstabbed us in april taking 50 % of the alliance with him. You and I had a quarrel when we first met - In that chat when we were talking about FUN - Nikani merge and we settled our differences back then, so why come back and spill bad blood now at the end ? What is your problem with us ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by BigMike View Post
    Difference between us is that I don't try and play it off for something it wasn't.

    Do not try and act as if you have any idea as to why I did what I did. You know nothing of the reasoning.

    You simply sheltered with the big boys, because you could not hack it as an all out alliance.
    they had 2 wings, and no one could take them out, choices are a.) join in confed with ally you have friends and connections in b.) get killed by said ally c.) join faill ally NWM/NIKANI d.) wait 2 months for CWL to show up....and bm i am not illiterate, i just enjoy acting like a noob to piss people off and don't care to make sure i spell and cap everything right with periods and crap, this is a game so stfu :P
    If you can't convince them, confuse them..
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    If you want to excel in travian, you need to forget your real life.

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