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Thread: MYTH Leadership Posting regarding end of server

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    Default MYTH Leadership Posting regarding end of server

    I am one of the three High Council Members of MYTH along with Girasoul and Sever and wished to post a note with some of my experiences on the server and to thank the many wonderful members and players who I met and worked with on this server.

    First of all I want to thank all of the members of SU. Running SU was a huge pleasure because of the huge number of ridiculously experienced leaders all capable of doing anything that needed to be done and the willingness to sacrifice for each other even when it wasn't asked for. No person could ask for a more gifted team or group of people to work with. Spartans United!

    I would also like to thank both FUN and LOD. Our relationships were very rocky in the beginning (as in we were at war), but once we had negotiated you did what was necessary to keep the peace and worked hard to be fair to every player. I deeply deeply respect you for keeping your word to us and I am proud to have done the same for you. You were fantastic to work with and anybody who besmirches your honor is full of it. You went above and beyond the call of duty when allied with us and I am proud to have worked with you.

    Also I would like to thank the other leadership of MYTH. This game is about teamwork and I am proud to have worked with you and despite MYTH being the smallest of the three major metas, I feel that we did an amazing job and should be proud.

    And lastly I would like to thank the members of MYTH. Without you we wouldn't have done what we did on this server. I am proud to have represented you and wih you all luck in the future.

    And, of course, thank you Pez for being the best General there is.

    I owe many more thanks to individual players, but will be sending those out to my wings and players elsewhere rather than doing so publically. You all know who you are, and thank you.

    Go Spartans!


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    Like a moron I forgot to thank the Dinos for being such an awesome support alliance. Thank you guys so very much!

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    Congratulations on the server win
    Quote Originally Posted by steindór View Post
    once upon a time MNU had kalki and wsu wings, MNU has just gotten better
    Quote Originally Posted by Biteme View Post
    I feel that they are a bit up the creek without a beer. I love the fact that he left like he did, what a loser. lol.

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    Well done MYTH. GG, it's been fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cthulhuo View Post
    I am one of the three High Council Members of MYTH......
    a post from MYTH leadership????

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    I am not a leader of MYTH but I strongly feel I have to post this one.

    I was reluctant to play S6 in the beginning and was simming my way around. Honestly at first I felt I did not belong. But there were really great, nice and warm people I met in SU and in Skype chat rooms.

    Later SU has become a family to me and its members have become my brothers and sisters. Dionyss, Doc, Alleksandar, ofc Paulx, mallumgero, wunderbasti, markot, Deathwish1234, codename and other members as well.

    Cthulhuo, you are one great leader who led the whole team to where we are now. Respect. I have never seen a bond among players as in SU.

    Pez, I wonder where you got your military skill. 10 Salute.

    codename, I felt how you felt when you were losing your villages one by one but not even once you showed ever wanting to give up instead you directed us to continue to move forward. At your lowest moments you stood out among the many. We were all inspired by your effort and dedication.

    As server ends, I am overwhelmed by both the feeling of joy and sadness. (post travian sickness/depression)

    Much to my enjoyment was becoming part of the WW team for which I am greatly honored. But the real fun for me was inside chat rooms where I found camaraderie. (you have no idea how I had been laughing and getting amused and getting much fun in there) Sporty, aziz, Paul, CW, Peter, Don, Adi, Igor, Susanne, Chanakya, Erin......

    I have played 5 consecutive rounds in speed but I have never played with a group that totally looks after one another as in Myth-SU. I will surely remember this round for a long, long time.

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