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Thread: cho story, or something like that

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    Default cho story, or something like that

    ill just add a short story about cho

    we have different point of view on this game. its not our gold to win server. we are bunch of friends and travian only keeps our chat alive and us together.
    there were some 20 cho from beginning, ~10 with great travian skills, and ~10 that will always be noobs, no matter how you try to teach them. i dont think they even like this game, but they r here for friends. we came here to play for few months, to create some chaos, show our fighting skills and wait until some1 big wipes us out.
    when game got bigger, i was the first one screaming to mass delete and go elsewhere. well neither of that ever happened.

    i didnt play from beginning. i took over 1 village account somewhere i mart (this is why my forum and ign arent the same), when there were no croppers left anywhere. my first cropper was 6. village after i deleted someone

    there was time when lots of us deleted. i said my goodbye here on forum and offered my account to several alliances. only condition was to leave whats left of cho alone. one meta accepted it, and used it only to spy on us or something useless like that. account was massivly abused and ended banned. i took it back just to send my army to death and delete. my army came home so i tried that again. and again. and agian
    i was often away for several days. i had my capital croplocked during that days twice, altho i had enough def. that def turned out to be usefull in the way i put it in my capital when im away, so my off army doesnt starve.

    as for politics, we had friends in ONE, and thats enough for us. we did our best to help them in cwl war. we attacked and fought like it was us. i was disappointed when they surrendered, as it was never the way we would do it. but, it was their call. we ware offered to join sl, and we declined. we (i, as no1 else reads this forum) didnt like their manners on forum, and i would never be in alliance that has kaos and co. its a f***ing game, and i chose who to play with. although its hard to believe, i like lots of cwl guys, and sl in general, but you failed with to many wrong people.
    game got boring for us, some of cho went inactive again, we got pwned by oz without almost any defense. but that has awaken some of us. and it was fun again. 3 of us created alot of dust on many battlefields.

    in the end, 8 man alliance has 2 attackers on front page, me being best roman attacker (yep im proud:P), and i think greatest average off points. we merged with rebels as we liked what they did, and to confirm our friendship last time.

    so in the end, i love my cho girls and boys, and im proud of what we did.
    there are many others that deserve to be mentioned here, and many things that i didnt mention, but i promised it to be a short story

    i dont believe that we will meet again, so i wish you all more real and less travian life, and best of luck to everyone

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    Default RESpecT

    and you did great

    come and play with the goat keepers next time

    you will find we are lovable ..really

    but to all small tight alalinces as yours


    just great

    come and see
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    Go on Cho, i liked your style!
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