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Thread: player looking for guild, im SE

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    Default player looking for guild, im NW

    - What requirements do you want an alliance to have?
    friendly and fair toward its member, nothing too agressive, more something along the lines of balance
    - What are your co-ordinates?
    im North-west
    (South West - South East- North West- North East? )
    - What is your population?
    only 52 while im writing this
    - How long have you played Travian?
    hard to say, ive played and stopped many time during years, whats sure is that i know my stuff
    - What is your strategy? (Peacefull, aggressive etc)
    passive/defensive, im more of a developper/peaceful expansionnist. i just like expanding and stuff. if there was a war, i would be the one supplying ressources. im not the fighter kind
    - How active are you?
    at least 3 time per day, but thats only the least minimum, im much more active than that.
    - Other
    im gaul and develloping as fast as i can.

    thats about it i guess...
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