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Thread: Need to join an alliance

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    Default Need to join an alliance

    What requirements do you want an alliance to have? ------Some protection against the raids, and to grow stronger.
    What are your co-ordinates? ------- -279|-39 (South West)
    (South West - South East- North West- North East? )
    What is your population? ------262 and growing
    How long have you played Travian?----- about 6months
    What is your strategy? (Peacefull, aggressive etc) ---- peaceful for now but want to get aggressive
    How active are you?? ------- between Monday and Friday, I am on most days

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    I would not post your exact co ords on here, unless you wanna get attacked by people that are reading this topic
    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow~ View Post
    I love Spy-der and I want to be in his siggy.
    Quote Originally Posted by dnnyk
    What would life be like without Spy-der
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    Spy is right...Its not a suprise i'm just saying
    Quote Originally Posted by SpOiNgY View Post
    Once again I have to say it, do what Spy-der says.

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    Question guys i need account

    i need account in any server if this account is good i can get gold or give another account

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