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Thread: Where's the nice little fox?

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    Default Where's the nice little fox?

    Foxieeeeeee??? Foxieeeeeee?? Tsk, tsk, tsk... Litleeeeee Foxieeeee Panzerrrrrrrrr??? Where are you???

    It seems that B, LW & CO outplayed you for the second time in a row

    Foxiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee?? Tsk, tsk, tskk... I wonder what you have to say now...

    But I bet you'll try again and they're looking forward to kick your @#% yet again...

    Or maybe you and your crew of loosers will just admit defeat and give up... Loosing twice, even with all resources you *claim* to have is already a shame, but thrice...

    Better luck next time, my sweet little fox panzer...

    ...if you have the guts, kid


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    either maybe foxie boy ain't active in this server or he totally joined our ranks and was silent about admitting it...

    wow!!! it's all win for the SOUTH confeds...!!!

    this is what team work and proper coordination does...yey!!!

    congrats to PS, B (with Alamo), IR, LW, and all those little south alliances who worked together....

    i hope we in the south made a contribution to all players witnessing this great event of success...that team work is a good thing to have (not just sheer force) to be successful in this game and also in some areas in our walk in life....

    cheers everyone!!!

    to the north...sorry guys, we just have to prevent you from winning as you were in the opposing sides...just gaming that is...we love you too...thanks for playing with us...

    good game AB...!!

    special thanks to Tycho of T&A account (that awesome diplomat from [B]) who gave her time, mind, and energy in this game. She is the one binding us together in the South. Without her efforts, things would rather have not been the same. She is resting from travian and she's doing it in rainbow style fashion...we love you and your excellent gaming ethics/tactics will be remembered even outside travian...for the brotherhood and beyond...!!!!

    ~android 007
    [B]  00325
    first servers and 2007-2008 (desolators) 2008 (B-OW); 2009 (LEGENDS); 2009 (B-OW)

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    wheres funnykitty

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