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Thread: WaR vs RU&BG Thread!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ganador View Post
    Thank you - although neither my dual nor me are Polish. I guess I'll open a thread about our account as soon as the round is over.

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    Im in HD... pretty sure im just a good ol mutt american and not from some fancy country that im gonna throw in everyones face as the reason for my skills or lack of skills.

    I'd like to NOT thank USA for being my home country and playing absolutely no role in my success here on comx.

    Thanks for letting me borrow the artifact Yougturks...still hoping my hammer gets a chance to land.

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    arent you a little late in destroying villages? very smart RUS strategy...
    PFTF is the Best / S&E is the Winner!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exelero View Post
    arent you a little late in destroying villages? very smart RUS strategy...
    we are destroing war villages every day, but i tried to make picture and post in on forum.
    because i never did it before. that's my first time ))))

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    Thats why you have so weak ww's. You destroy WaR villages because we have def on plans, art and ww's and i see few raports from yours villages with 200-300k, what a waste.

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    That is indeed a nice hammer... pity there was no rammer infront of it, WW might have been 0ed...

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