Forum Banner Competition
Dear guys!

We want to offer you the possibility to create a forum banner for Travian. Each banner will be checked and the best ones will be presented to the other players in a poll. The winning banner will be uploaded to the .com forum.

The 3 winners will get nice awards usable on a .com server of their choice:
1st place: 90 Gold
2nd place: 60 Gold
3rd place: 30 Gold

As theme for the banner (size: 798px 140px) you should choose something related to the month June.

We will not accept .gifs as we also have users with slow internet access, but .jpg , .png or .tif are fine. The size has to be the size of the current banner.

One hint: if you violate trademark laws we can not accept your banner.

Please send your banners to until May 24th. We wish you good luck!

Kind regards