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Thread: to the game cummunity called rangers

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    Default to the game cummunity called rangers

    This server is finally over—what a game---please let me thank every member of rangers who helped keep me in this game—you are without a doubt one of the finest gaming community I had been lucky enough to be part of. I cannot thank you all enough for sharing you time, your stories, and your life with me. I wish I could visit every one of you –sit have a beer and recapture the enjoyment I have had in our many skype rooms.

    Now about this game…. without a doubt this is the most corrupt server I have ever played on. We had problems that I have never encountered before like a MH who banned players for no reason and then unbanned them for no reason –or worse- do it to help one alliance beat another one. We learned that one of the MH was playing as a dual with one of our enemies. And I have never played a game where the rules were changed in the middle of a game. Through all this I was lucky to meet some great players. My son and I finally played on the same alliance and we won. All credit for that win goes to the team of rangers and the many great players of trust who help us.

    The alliances on this server were amazing. RT was the closest thing to being rangers. They landed in the middle of 2 great meta---were pounded daily and would not quit--- in the end we were honored to have them join Rangers. Thunder is without a doubt the best-run alliance I have seen in some time. The teamwork of their inner circle is amazing and their army size demonstrates this. CF has some of the nicest players in the game and yet both alliances have leaders who seem to live to betray their allies at any cost. What can I say, what goes around comes around, this was your time my friends. Anyway, I am sure many leaders will tell everyone how Rangers betrayed them or does not deserve to win. Well, we fought for 7 months against everything thunder could hit us with---then they asked us to join, forgetting I had problems with them—so now you reap what you sow, I made you a promise and I never break my word so we did just what I told you we would do…CF please make sure your leaders don’t try to betray us with only days to go on the next server. After all, everyone has spies and no hidden secret will remain hidden. Enjoy the game my friends as the most hated player on this server, I hope I lived up to all the names you called me and I am exactly the man you claimed I was….lol.

    I wrote this story for those who want to read it-----

    The moon is setting on a long night of celebration. Roman, gauls and teuton warriors are all laughing, drinking, dancing and singing songs of battles won. The many tribes of RANGERS are celebrating the end to one of the most corrupt servers we have ever been a part of.

    In one corner of the great camp is a large open tent, here is a makeshift bar where the old warriors sit and drink. Young men wearing the coat of arms of trust wander into the tent, when suddenly the groups leader starts yelling –OLD MAN where are you? You have betrayed us all… you have stolen our glory …where are you old fool, show your self. Warriors old and young draw weapons to fight when an iron hard voice speaks out. “Boy, I am here. I have never run from a fight but before you die, tell me what you are talking about.

    You broke you word, you left thunder and won the game without us…. laughter breaks out from all the older warriors. BOY I HAVE FOUGHT ON 3 SERVERS AND I HAVE NEVER BROKEN MY WORD—NEVER.

    11 months ago I went to cab/thunder leaders and asked for peace. I offered to bring 300 members of rangers to the cab alliance and work to win this game together. They refused. Our good allies, Inocka and mbp left us like dogs in the night only to attacks us. The MH banned 5 of our leaders just as Inocka –mbp and thunder attacked us. So once more I offered peace with bratsoni . He laughed and said he no longer needs peace with KISS, which was to become Rangers. His sidekick at the time was named mike the multi-player and mike askd me what will kiss do. You have lost your best wings to thunder, inocka and mbp have joined us, petervle has betrays you and several other players have left you to join us. Face facts you are beaten…it was then that I told both leaders what Ranger would do.

    Ranger troops will leave the ranger alliance, they will join thunder and become your best and most loyal players---Rangers will slowly win you over and become your best friends, we will take a ww with our hidden troops. Then at the end of the game, we will re-tag the ww as Rangers. Both leaders laughed and said go for it---you can never hold these losers and farms together, we will crush you any time we want……Well in the end we did not need to use our hidden players, thunder trusted us so much we took a ww right before their eyes. The rest you know.

    Old man you betrayed CF just like you betrayed Thunder.

    Boy once again you speak without knowledge---We agreed to retag with CF but with just days to go, the top CF leaders tried to sell us out to thunder and make a new deal with them.

    We will not share victory with leaders who try to defeat us.

    To the many great warriors of thunder and cf who helped Ranger win I thank you---To the leaders of CF once you make a deal keep it---to the leaders of thunder remember you can never beat a player who will not quit---the next time you order your players to zero pop a account don’t let that same account get his hands on your throat.

    A Quietmonk

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    snip BS

    piss off QM, nobody is interested in your self serving, lying, pathetic excuses and snivelling evasions. You are lowlife scum, and wherever you appear you will have a filthy stench following you, revealing what you truly are. Even still, your basic braindamage and your inability to understand basic concepts shows in the fact that you failed to drop the confeds. So your enthusiastic treachery led to to nothing concrete.

    Enjoy your shallow win, unworthy one.
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    Default If you are happy...

    Then Everyone else is...
    Enjoy your victory then... You deserve it...
    But I don´t know if all Rangers are agreeing with you right now...

    I bow to your supreme strategy and cunning striking force... You were a real force of nature... Unstoppable...

    You rock my friend...

    Spartan Sentinel

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    Default Ah hahaha

    Well played quietmonk. Amazing. Truely amazing. I remember varek blowing you up but you just kept popping up. I kept thinking...what kind of player has no i know. You deserve it old man. Somehow, against all odds, you actually tricked everyone and won with your shamble of an account. You made my day. Thanks.

    Good luck you diabolical old man.


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    nice post David lol

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    QM... you are forgetting how the game is won. One player has a lvl 100 WW and him and all his confeds are winners of the server. In this all the teams under Trust won, your intentions aside.

    Also your claim that you have never broken your word is amusing, if you promise two sides conflicting things you are bound to break your word to at least one.
    Perhaps you ment you said some truth each server?

    I must say the real losers here are Ranger players with sense of honor, they fought with you and deserved this win but now you both tainted their win and their reputation, that is the biggest betray at all as these were your friends and allies the whole game.

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    Class from Rangers? Shocker

    Leshik I
    MM - not a win (not like we wanted)
    This is not a win for just Rangers, but for TRUST and Thunder as well. Indy has betrayed us all. :@

    Leshik I

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quietmonk View Post
    yet both alliances have leaders who seem to live to betray their allies at any cost.
    An insane douchebag
    Well put. Nobody would know more about betrayal at any cost than you, correct?

    Also, why did you misspell "community" in the subject title? I thought you made your money in education, David.
    And nice insane rant. How are you in any position to control others' actions??
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    looking for the old forum


    Quote Originally Posted by Sandrah View Post
    QM... you are forgetting how the game is won. One player has a lvl 100 WW and him and all his confeds are winners of the server. In this all the teams under Trust won, your intentions aside.
    hmm see i think you are so very wrong ...
    lets read the victory message shall we

    Quote Originally Posted by rg1234 View Post
    Together with the alliance "Rangers", "babuk" was the first to finish the Wonder of the World, using millions of resources whilst also protecting it with hundreds of thousands of brave defenders. It is therefore "babuk" who receives the title "winner of this era"!

    Hmm it says alliance Rangers there does it not ??
    theres no meta name or so and so and friends is there now

    So Rangers won it ..

    Simple really

    Will say apparently my old account was even reinforcing this WW hehe , can say i ever got on with SOB but i like his victory over thunder quite a bit
    so well done that man ...
    For all you Brits do a little good and sign this petition and help the disabled and there carers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simonjohn View Post
    hmm see i think you are so very wrong ...
    lets read the victory message shall we

    Hmm it says alliance Rangers there does it not ??
    theres no meta name or so and so and friends is there now
    That is what the message said, and rangers did win. However in my opinion (and most people I know) the confeds win as well. Just like if Trust had won the winners would not have been only the handful of players in Trust but all their confeds as well.
    But do not worry, the win is not the same this way at all. Of all the Ranger players a few had a grudge due to attacks early on... in a war game... and here we are

    That makes SOB an excellent sales man... this is a man that according to my readings has one of the worst reputation in travian and he managed to sell he was trustworthy not to one side but both.
    Well done indeed...
    However that also makes him several other things, here he also misused the trust of his own players that many may not have agreed on their leader to use his position to settle a childish grudge. Players that had a rightly earned win turned into a political statement by their leader.

    I am more amused here than anything since I did not take any part in diplomacy or leadership... but if I was in Rangers I would be furious with him.

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