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    Default Goodbies

    I think I will most like to say goodbye to my neighbors (although we also have more appropriate channels of communication): Baja, kenjyd, wehrmacht, Burns, SpionuX, alexys, nare, fairydust, helias.

    Second to the friends with which I started this server: rodinator and tiw, you guys were great especially rodinator for her first travian server ever. Also davfal, it's a shame he quit 3 months ago out of boredom but he was a really good defender and showed me I was right not to destroy his account when I started cleaning house. Even though at the end I conquered a bunch of his villas he still had about 10k DR and Phala.

    Third but not least goodbye to the players of the alliances that supported me whenever I thought I was under attack: CF-DW, CF-V, XFWs and XYZ.

    About the opponents I don't have much if anything to say, if we meet again on other servers I think you can rest assured that I didn't develop any feelings towards you, negative or positive. They didn't impress me just like I think I didn't impress them.

    Don't know Rangers, didn't understand why some fellow SW players chose to side with Thunder, don't understand why people let Rangers win (although I take some comfort in the fact that Thunder forum posters will always have to add that they won server 9 through a confed with Rangers). But really I care about this less than I care about how weather is gonna be tomorrow so please don't bother explaining.

    Everyone else on the forums: Bye, take care !
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    Hey guys,

    That was a great idea from you tomycs. So here goes my special thanks to:

    Thunder Strike - the best team s9 has ever seen. I had the most fun with you during midgame and we managed to kick a** whatever we did.

    Special greetings for Thunder Strike battlegroup (Jim/Rol, Channing, Zia, Liran , Root Canal, MBP, Pokis and Inocka).

    Some other people i would like to mention:
    -Bratsoni, Inocka, Tanou, Rol and the rest of the leaders that wasted their time with us.
    -The Gaul one of the best players i've seen and Liran (Hookahice) - the silent killer

    Huge respect for XYZ, they were the only one that ever been a threat to Thunder.
    Huge disrespect for Rangers, you guys have no honor, guts or shame. Let this be a memory to you

    Offensive points:
    Rangers (yeah, the whole wing) - 1421569
    TheGaul - 1013966


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    Thought i'd put my goodbye here while we are still on page 1

    Thunder: Great team and winners to me

    XYZ: Best single allianz on the server... and may be the best i'v seen

    CF: Biased as ever... we were the best

    CF Leaders: cant hate you guys.. you learn, i learn, lets play again (P.S. still playing on your side)

    CF KBC & W: Good to know you all and would love to play with you all again

    Wont be playing this game for quite sometime now as i was always short of time and don't want to play half hearted again... but hope i do come back and when i do i would love to see a message saying "do u remember me from S9 its ____ from CF / Thunder / XYZ"

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    Hi all,

    In my eyes Thunder you won! Best organized bunch of alliances I have seen in while but I was under the impression that you left some individual players to be killed. Never expected to see so many delete when we were attacking individuals. Next time take better care of the individual and you will do even better

    As for my own alliance KBC and KBC-W part of the CF meta: Every single member has made me proud and I would recommend you all. We had great fun together and this is what the game is about. If I read about what rangers pulled how they struggled and played for revenge....sorry guys but trickery isn't a win in my eyes. I dare to say that CF-KBC and W won; correct me if I am run but man we had so much fun on our chats; being the underdog and kicking ^%@!!! From time to time I had to walk out of the office to calm down from laughter to come back and laugh some more. Btw my boss is really happy this is over finally some work will get done
    I want to thank everbody who made this an interesting game!

    Goodbey all and maybe I will see you after the summer.


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    I'd like to thank everyone for a memorable server, in more ways than one. Personally, I'd like to thank some people in specific:

    1. Critique: Dave and Furr both taught me well and furr, you taught me more than just travian and I would like to think, helped me grow up. Also, I will always appreciate the discussions we have had about things other than travian, I have learned a lot from you.

    2. jazziunes: For trusting me with so many things and seeing the truth in things, even when I had certain people bad mouth me. I valued your opinion a lot and am obliged to have been a part of your team. My biggest achievement will always be to have earned the trust and respect of both you and furr.

    3. RockOn: Mate, I could not thank you enough. You let me into XYZ very early and then trusted me with helping run "our little cabin in the hills" I learned to take this game as just that, a game and rewrote travian history as being one of the best and most fun alliances. You made sure no one ever forgot that the only purpose was to have fun, and that my friend, I personally did.

    As a team, I would like to thank XYZ for letting me into your closed inner circle and I think for that, I owe the aforementioned people more than anyone. Still, glad to have been a part and to have served with you all. We were the very best and received admiration from all corners of the travian world. Thanks for everything.

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    You can pretty much guess who I think was the best overall alliance = XYZ. Thanks for everything guys! I joined them towards the end, but they always made me feel at home and helped me out even when I was getting my @$$ handed to me by Thunder

    Special thanks to:

    The_Joker, Taff and Kenny_Plasma for being a great neighbors and friends.

    jazziunes you did a great job helping me fend off attacks. I really appreciate all your hard work

    Safi - like her, hate her or whatever, she has always been good to me.

    Cleo, Snake, Jake & Simba from JD - you didn't make the same choices I did and don't agree with some of them, but you were always good to me and we never crossed swords - I respect that.

    BORG - Original 1 of 9 was a good friend to me in the beginning and the server was less when he left
    3 of 9, 1 of 9, steel curtain, ossie54 and others from BORG. We got along okay at the beginning & not so okay at the end, but you sure as heck made a boring server turn around and made it fun. It was fun getting villages destroyed by you, killing some hammers and such. Truly want to thank you for the fun.

    Thunder Alliances (especially Thunder~) - Those were some fun attacks and Thunder~ you were the only ones that had to the balls to go after my cap (besides Sauce Monkey). Respect to you all.

    Elizabeth Swann - last but not least! Special thanks to you for all of your troops that I got killed off, your hero and most importantly thanks for your friendship.

    Well I left a whole lot of important people off, but I really appreciate everything. I also know that I have gone on way to long, but this grunt had a ton of fun.


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    So, let's do this proper.

    : Both of my two other duals were great. They both did seem to get a little worn out just after end-game started and weren't around as much, but seeing as Jim started the account on his own, if I ended up shouldering the burden of the end-game a little more, I see it as fair.

    Jim/Rol - My dual. Just about the best dual one could have. I knew Jim from a previous server that we'd played on as alliance mates. When he originally asked me to come over to s9, it was to take over another account in CN (Catapult Nation - A NW alliance that mostly got absorbed by Thunder in the end). After a day or two, we decided the best thing to do would be to merge the two accounts into one (taking all the best croppers of course) so that we could dual on one account, which would be far easier for us both to commit to. Jim's a super-easy going guy who also happens to spend his entire day in front of a computer at home for work. Can't ask for anything better than that in a dual! Lol... Would have been nice if he could have found a way to get Skype loaded onto his laptop that he would use half of the time though. :P

    Mona/Rol - The silent silent partner in the Rol account. She was our autopilot. A great girl who happens to live in Saudi Arabia giving us some extra coverage during the few hours that Jim and my schedule didn't allow us to cover. This girl could ALWAYS be counted on to take care of the monotonous tasks that Jim and I just couldn't take care of sometimes (or were just so unwilling to want to do at times) - Raiding, the resource shuffle, queuing, sniping, whatever.... Mona... You truly do ROCK. I'm also truly amazed how much time you committed to rebuilding Kibbles account (a guy we sat for) considering how many crop-locked villages he had and not a single gold piece to use. You truly were dedicated.

    Diego - You were so utterly annoying on skype, but at the same time did exactly what was needed to get reins sent wherever they needed to go to defend Strike or Storm. You did amazingly well for your first server.

    - I don't think anyone could have done a better job of capturing, sorting and storring enemy hammer information and you did. Without such a valuable database of enemy hammer locations, the Chocolate Gnomes would never have been nearly as successful. Thank you for that.

    The Chocolate Gnomes - Noob, Liran (The silent killer), Mark (pokis), Inocka, Jonathan (Root Canal), Zia_Pd, Blaine, MBP and all the rest. This bad-@ss battle-group was the greatest part of this server. Along with the might of our formidable hammers, we also controlled the following artefacts during our reign as @ss-kicking mofos:

    - 1 unique Boots,
    - 1 unique Rival's,
    - 1 unique Fools,
    - 1 small Boots,
    - 1 small trainer's, and
    - 1 large Rival's.

    And our enemies dared to oppose us? How foolish. Love all of you guys.

    Strike/Storm - Guys... no matter who won or lost this server, nobody can deny that our two wings (which eventually merged into just Strike at the end) kicked a lot of @ss and took names. Strike was the sword and Storm was the shield. We finished with the most offensive AND defensive wing on the server, and nobody can deny that. It was a pleasure working with all of you.

    CF-O/DW - You guys made for fun enemies. Spio, Dissy, SteenB. All joking aside, you all were classy guys and I salute you. If I ever play Travian again, I'd happily fight you guys again.

    XYZ - Strike's runner-up for most bad-@ss wing on the server. You guys definitely worthy of your rep. I'm quite impressed with how you guys managed to coordinate a CF-wide assault on Strike. That single assault nearly made us crumble. You did indeed make an account or two delete after that assault. I have no doubt that if you'd somehow managed to re-organize and send that assault again quickly, Strike would have all quit. It was also nice to see that you guys got to at least use your WW hammers unlike the rest of CF. Cheers to XYZ.

    Tauno, Layla, Brats, MWood and the rest of Thunder's leadership team - While I only really stepped up into the position of "leader" toward the last quarter of the game, it was a pleasure working with you guys. Tau, I still love that your original account only has 1 village left standing and yet that account is still one of the top 5 ranked defensive accounts. You're a military genius in this game.

    Good game all.

    S9 2009-2010 - 50% Rol
    S7 2010-2011 - DirtyAngels

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