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    What he said is true. Even LOK are geing robbers medals now
    No disrespect to LOK by the way

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    Obl I think they have played in other servers as a team that's why they are succesful today on an attack against them I lost 2.5K of my hammer.But they have really big problems as they have to deal with the fruits & lok.Did any1 see that in a week a wing of infamous stole 100M resources.

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    2.5 k is not a hammer in this stage of the game. OBL has tanked a lot of very bigger clears from LOK and Kiwi.

    Attacks from LOK have been a problem - in fact, more an annoying issue than a big problem, specially since they ran out of hammers and defending became just like hunting for flies - but for me biggest problem was they betraying us. When our hammers need to croplock the villages I once reinforced with hundreds of phalanxes, it's a victory but for me it can't be funny.

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