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Thread: For Ladies only

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgasshk View Post
    Its the wrong sort of attention sunshine...

    I would be very very surprised if any women meeting your criteria join and remain in ANY alliance you host.... lol.

    If they did I'm sure they have some serious mental disorder or the self esteem of a peanut

    good luck!
    but still even if its right or wrong you're still jealous on the attention they are giving me darling

    I'll be even more surprised if they all did, never mind criteria 1 to 4 its number 5 that matters lol
    it will be heaven for me and you'll be more jealous lol lol lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by effektz View Post
    i think i already saw your picture surikat you definitely passed #5 but you are a monster army builder and i dont like having a headache on too much crop consumption
    I never do same thing twice
    Cute girls can do anything - Mata Hari - pwn1 pwn2 pwn<3
    Slow round with duals starting late - Promiscuous

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    suri well go join! sun

    but know that acc is not gonna even make next server 2 the ww
    seeing i am 0 him completly kill acc

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