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Thread: Buying Gold Without a Credit Card

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeyther View Post
    In the top-right corner, there seems to be an English Flag. Is that for languages or for the whole site? And are you sure it's only Dutch?
    Pretty sure about it, yes.

    But feel free to proof me wrong with evidence counteracting my claims.

    "iDEAL is an Internet payment method in The Netherlands, based on online banking"


    PS: It might make an exception if you have one of the participating banks but don't live in Holland, but not to sure about that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by italyrools View Post
    How much of a hassle is this 'registration' process? Visa's webpage makes it sound like somewhat of a hassle...

    It took me about 15 min. All you have to do is go to the website given by the card, then imput ur name, and all the stuff you would have to enter for a credit card. Then you can use it to buy your gold.

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    I have also the same problem i think that if travian team give us 10000000 gold it should be gud for travian team but if they do this they will not earn these guys dont know whats is fun and what is earing

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    You can create virtual credit cards that are valid for 24 hours using your online banking account (considering you have one) It is the perfect way in terms of safety as the card expires in 24 hours.

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