Guidelines of Intervention

Generally, Administrator (Tschena) or Co-Administrator (Phanttis) will not influence how the game unfolds, but there are exceptions. This guideline gives a general oversight on which cases intervention happens. In addition to the following listing, all cases of newly-noticed bugs and their abuse will be dealt with as stated in the correction clause.
These guidelines apply only for COM domain unless Administrator of a domain confirms them also applying to domain he/she is administering. These guidelines might be different for those other domains, and they do not bind any other domain.

  1. If there are troops in an account that is banned, Administration will by request release the troops in the traps of the banned account.
  2. If there is an error in the resource production calculation done by the game, Administrator will by request recalculate the resource productions.
  3. If there are so-called "ghost troops", Administrator when noticed, or by report from a player, remove those troops.
  4. If two players wish to make an account switch (as defined in the game rules), the Administrator may switch the email addresses of those accounts.
  5. If the sum of account amount and not activated registration amount raises above the server safe limit, Administrator may close the registration to that server, or remove it from list of servers open for registration. When the sum again lowers, the Administrator may open the registration again.

  1. If an account has two heroes, Administrator will when noticed delete one of those heroes, or if reported, delete one of the heros of player’s choosing. If bug abuse is reported, it is also a violation of the game rules.
  2. When administrator notices World Wonder villages that are missing, those will be respawned back to Natarian ownership after a random interval.
  3. When administrator notices construction plans are missing, those will be respawned to Natarian ownership after random interval.
  4. When administrator notices artefacts are missing, those will be respawned to Natarian ownership after random interval.
  5. When administrator notices an account with World Wonder village as last village, and such village is not participating in the actual level 100 World Wonder race, it is considered as blocking. In such case Administrator deletes the account blocking the WW.
  6. In case of low server performance or other similar incident that is same for everyone in the server, there are no individually given compensations. Administrator may decide to grant compensation, but it will be the same to everyone, as the problem is same for everyone.

  1. In case of connection loss, degraded connectivity, server maintenance or similar events, Administrator may set the server to no-starvation mode which prevents troops from dying because of lack of crop.
  2. In case of DDoS attacks, server scanners or other actions which heavily tax the server, Administrator may place a server ban for the respective person.

Very Rare
  1. In case of serious unforeseen event like critical server failure, loss of connection, database corruption or similar serious events, the Administrator may roll back the server. That means returning the whole game state to a previous state, from a backup.

Correction clause
  1. Other cases of intervention are decided when noticed, and executed without delay on any currently open case. For future reference, those cases will be added to this list as soon as possible.
  2. These guidelines may be changed or replaced with updated ones, at any time.