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Thread: Hello COM5 Players! :)

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    Default Hello COM5 Players! :)

    Dear players,

    We are attempting to complete what we hope will be a very interesting project for the following edition of the Travian International magazine. So, we are using this opportunity to invite all interested players from com5 to join us and help us write an article - a server report- from a unique standpoint. All are welcome to apply and help us; all you need to do is write an email to and inform us if you'd like to participate. There are no prerequisites, but it would be good if:

    -You have participated on com5 from the very beginning, or have begun playing on com5 near the start of the server.
    -You have played on com5 during end-game.
    -You are familiar with our magazine server report section.
    -You are interested in doing a bit of writing.

    Thank you in advance. Hoping to hear from you,

    A Multihunter will NOT: discuss cases regarding bans, discuss private IGMs/Emails or comment on any of the punishments/actions regarding player’s case on the forum.

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    I will write to you soon as being playing s5 right from the start.

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