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Thread: Cages - T4

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    1. I sent no troops with my hero.
    2. I really sent the cages.
    3. This maybe the reason, but its very UNLIKELY because there were 19 troops and when I tried again on another oasis it again didn't happen.
    4. I sent my hero to an oasis which HAD troops.

    I didn't get a battle report but a normal adventure report in both the adventures; in the first- Nothing valuable found and in the second 25x ointment.

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    I think you sent him on an adventure then.
    Adventures can spawn at any place, Natar villages, empty village slots, oases, even villages of other players. Sending the hero there on the adventure doesn't actually affect the tile the adventure spawned on.

    To capture animals, you have to raid the oases like you would normally raid a village/oasis, with cages in the hero's bag (Drop them in the small box at the bottom right, opposite to the horse slot)

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    Yes it sounds like you sent him on an adventure.

    You can send your hero on an adventure from the Hero adventure screen.

    But as Odinstaff says, adventures spawn at locations on the map like natar villages and oasis.

    When an adventure appears on an oasis and you bring up the oasis page that shows you how many troops are in the oasis, you get an extra link underneath the "raid oasis" link, that says "start adventure"

    You probably clicked on this.

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    Default Problem Solved

    @Odinsstaff, BrutalBob

    I sent him on a raid and he captured the animals. Thank-you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrutalBob View Post
    There are several possibilities (unfortunately all of them involve some sort of error on your part )

    - You sent some troops with the hero in which case a fight took place and no troops were trapped
    - You accidentally didnt send the cages, even though you think you did
    - Someone else raided and killed (or captured) the oasis animals before you got there
    - You sent your hero to an empty oasis, an occupied or to a different oasis that had no troops.

    Of course there is a very remote possibility of a system bug but I would imagine it is highly unlikely and more likely that something like one of the above happened.

    Was there a battle report? Did you kill any nature troops?

    Just try it again

    I'd just like to point out that you can send troops if you like. But still no fight will take place and the animals are captured... I've done it.


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