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Thread: Cages - T4

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    Default Cages - T4

    Before I'm killing my hero on an Oasis let me ask this just to be clear, and perhaps help others who will make the same query.

    from the cage item description :

    "Takes effect after battle"
    "no fight takes place but animals will be captured"

    now for some reason I find the above two contradicting themselves.. if there's no fight, what exactly takes effect after battle ?

    even better questions to make the issue crystal clear :
    i'm sending my hero alone with 6 cages to an oasis with 9 nature creatures..
    1. will he live to capture the 6 creatures ?
    2. will the oasis stay with just 3 creatures ?
    3. what would've happened if the hero had reinforcements ?
    4. would I get resources from the oasis ?

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    How to use Cages:

    1. Go to the Hero interface.

    2. Click and drag the traps onto the highlighted area (it will highlight as soon as you start dragging the traps).

    3. Send your Hero alone to the oasis that you want to capture troops from.

    No actual battle will take place. Your Hero will travel to the oasis, capture as many troops as there are in the oasis up to the number of traps equipped on you Hero, then return home with the Nature troops (I believe they reinforce you separately, but I can't confirm either way).

    Most effective ways to use this:

    A) Wait until BP is almost done, then send your Hero to capture more powerful Nature troops (like Tigers, Crocs and Bears). This gives you a strong defense against would-be raiders.

    B) Use the traps on an oasis that carries resources that are most useful to you. Since trapping causes zero damage to your Hero, you've effectively reduced a large chunk of the Oasis' defenses, making it more cost-effective to clear and farm.

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    let`s say 1 oasis have 8 spider and 3 bears and i have only 3 the hero take the animals random? or take 3 spiders???

    where can i find deff of animals on t4 serv?

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    You'll get 2 spiders and 1 bear most porbably.
    stats of nature troops is published for several years already.
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    Animals in oasis can be tamed with them and brought to your village, where they will help in defending it. No battle will take place, but the animals will be captured
    This item is stackable.
    Small FAQ regarding cages:
    How can I use cages?
    - Just equip them to your hero and send it on an attack to an oasis.
    Do my hero along with my troops fight when attacking an oasis with cages equipped?
    - No. No fight takes places as long as you have cages equipped to your hero.
    If I release the animals in my village, will I get the cages back?
    - No.
    Do cages work with player's villages as it works with unoccupied villages?
    - No, because the cages are only working with "normal" troops. The troops in a player's village are reinforcement and cannot be caught.

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    Default @Ciocioy

    If there is for example:

    7 bears
    7 tigers
    7 spiders

    and you have 6 cages, you will trap 2 of each species.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ciocioy View Post

    let`s say 1 oasis have 8 spider and 3 bears and i have only 3 the hero take the animals random? or take 3 spiders???

    where can i find deff of animals on t4 serv?
    There's a system - you will get 3 spiders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emperor VII View Post
    There's a system - you will get 3 spiders.
    Actually that case would give 2 spiders and 1 bear, right?

    It takes 1 of each from left to right, if there are no more animals to the right, it will start from leftmost again. That it will do until all cages are used or animals end.

    You have 14 cages and oasis has
    2 Rats
    6 Spiders
    3 Wild Boars
    30 Elephants

    You will get:
    1st check: 1 rat, 1 spider, 1 wild boar, 1 elephant.
    2nd check: 1 rat, 1 spider, 1 wild boar, 1 elephant.
    3rd check: 1 spider, 1 wild boar, 1 elephant. (there are no more rats to cage)
    4th check: 1 spider, 1 elephant. (there are no more wild boars to cage)
    5th check: 1 spider (14 cages used, end)

    Total you caged: 2 Rats, 5 spiders, 3 wild boars, 4 elephants
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    I sent my hero to an oasis with animals with 6 cages but he captured none?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karan View Post
    I sent my hero to an oasis with animals with 6 cages but he captured none?!
    There are several possibilities (unfortunately all of them involve some sort of error on your part )

    - You sent some troops with the hero in which case a fight took place and no troops were trapped
    - You accidentally didnt send the cages, even though you think you did
    - Someone else raided and killed (or captured) the oasis animals before you got there
    - You sent your hero to an empty oasis, an occupied or to a different oasis that had no troops.

    Of course there is a very remote possibility of a system bug but I would imagine it is highly unlikely and more likely that something like one of the above happened.

    Was there a battle report? Did you kill any nature troops?

    Just try it again

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