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Thread: What is the right time to join an alliance?

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    Arrow What is the right time to join an alliance?

    I am playing as a roman on a normal server which started 2 weeks ago. My village's pop. is >60 and i m raiding full on with my Legions(15 legos right now and increasing...).

    In my 21x21 there are three players in the same alliance(they r the only 3 members of the alliance right now) with pop. > 60. and few other non-alligned villages are also there with pop 50-70.

    In my 7x7 there is a teuton which i feel is competing with me, wants to stay ahead in terms of population.(though i don't care for population, troops is the main thing)

    What should i do? Join the alliance of those 3 players? or wait for something significant to happen.

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    I would wait until you see if they will last.I hate it when i join an alliance and it merges with another or falls apart a week after i join so i wait and see witch alliance in my quad looks like it will last before i join.You do not need an alliance until atleast a month into the server unless it is one you know was pre arranged.

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    after you have embassy<<<<<that was a joke

    actually i prefer to join alliance later as you see the leader will ask for your resos and eventually you do not have enough to build you own start joinning in when you have the basic building.

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    No good leader asks for resources that early in the game. Concentrate on your troops, you have a Teuton in the area. Build an embassy later once you've trained more legionnaires, at the moment you have too few and building an embassy will only slow you down. Besides, its unlikely the alliance were to offer you defense if the Teuton were to attack. If I were you I'd continue raiding and producing more legionnaires with a focus of building a stable and training Equites Imperatoris. They will give you a considerable edge against the Teuton and allow you to farm areas beyond their reach.

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