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Thread: Cropland 21 level possible ?

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    Default Cropland 21 level possible ?

    Hi there. Question is cropland, woodcutter, iron mine or clay pit maximum level is 20 or not?
    And how we build if it possible, maybe with arth.?

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    You can get clay pits and croplands to 21, woodcutters and iron mines to 20. You need a ton of warehouses and granaries, so arti would be preferable.

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    Not preferable, arti's deffinately needed for level 21 croplands.
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    can someone explain what an arti is? obv noob here...

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    An arti, or artefact, is something that the natars bring out around midgame. Once captured and held for 24 hours the arti becomes active and depending on which arti you have, let's say the slight storage arti, you can then build great warehouse's and great granerie's. Different arti's have different effects, be it to your account or the village in which it's in.

    Hope this helped.

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