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Thread: What's going on????!!?

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    Unhappy What's going on????!!?


    When I logged in on s4, something really weird happened...
    I just don't know how to explain...

    Here is a list:
    • It took so long to log-in to my account
    • In my messaging thingy, It acted really weird-the lines were longer and everytime I write something and scrolled on an area where I needed to add things, the previous words disappeared-it's like they were never there.
    • my building levels didn't display even though I toggled that +/- button in the left corner-still never showed up
    • Everytime I clicked on a link, it showed a blank page for 3 seconds and then the link shows up-this never happened before
    • I couldn't scroll the map even when I clicked the arrows-it didn't budge
    • When I tried attacking my neigbour, my troops numbers never showed up
    • When I click on the embassy display (i.e. attacks, forum, new etc), most of the time, it was missing the "OK" button-even when I tried attacking my neighbour-it was missing and had to do the same thing again
    • When I got message from a player, the same 'writing disappeared' and 'unusually long writing pad'
      was present
    • Sometimes, when I clicked on a link, there'd be a blank page and my internet thingy says "done" on the bottom left corner. ((WTF?))
    • Everytime I log on, when there's no blank page, it says, "done, but with errors on page"
      on the bottom left corner of the computer screen
    • My trousers fallen down

    I told a multihunter about this situation and asked if there was something wrong with the
    server, he said there was nothing wrong and advised me to delete my cookies and my cache.
    I did what he told me...
    But the same thing occurred over and over again.

    Can someone tell me what's wrong and what should I do?
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    Somebody could probably help you sooner/faster/better if you would go back and replace all those instances of the word "thingy" with something meaningful

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    Try to use another browser.

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