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Thread: Duel needed!!!

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    Cool Duel needed!!!

    searching for experienced duel.we are looking for 3 people.ready to play on roman or Teuton account. only experience players are requested to apply.
    pm me if interested or contact me or Skype: onepiece0

    details to be mention in PM.
    time zone:
    experienceshow much have you played etc)
    type of playeroff or deff)
    hours of play:
    gold users or notalso mention that you can buy or not)
    want to apply for: (roman account or Teuton)

    other details will be asked later on.

    Note:i do not own both roman and Teuton account.i play on only one.other is operated by my friend.i am not a multi account user.we stick by the rules.and win.

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    sorry for the sad smiles above.i was in hurry so.i apologies for my mistake.
    and even newbies are allowed to apply if they are willing to learn and follow orders.
    NOTE: Skype is must.

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