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Thread: From Ina with love

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    Default From Ina with love

    Rick/Lomo (who is aware that he is prolly going to get himself banned for letting me post some final thoughts) was kind enough to lend me his forum ID to make this post (being mine got banned for commenting on DA ban).

    So here goes:

    General flame fest on this forum

    The whole Thunder used Reload and never fought CWL with them - one minute, and CWL fought against 2 quads the next used to drive me insane - until i just decided to sit back and LOL. Unlike bunch of people here, I really did post my actual opinions/thoughts and not just random propaganda - and i truly believed in my posts. But you guys were jumping into your own mouths so much that anyone with IQ bigger then their shoes size can see that. And it was our mistake to even try to debate. Don't get me wrong - some of Thunder guys have crossed lines of good taste so many times it is not even funny (I almost got Brats/Mirari off DA because of some posts - Woody and I had more then one debate about some of his posts and so on and so on)...But can you really blame them?

    Yes we started the *hate* against Rangers on forums (the hate that was uncalled for when it came to come people but we did not know that until recently) - but how on earth did CWL felt invited into that i still don't see (I am blond tho)). You were not allied to Rangers - you were not getting defense - those guys were just some alliance to you (according to your own leaders, the cooperation started at end game or slightly prior to it) - yet you took every excuse possible to engage in forum battles with us (myself especially).

    Same as I made a huge mistake trying to fight with you guys on all the personal crap that was going around - I should have laughed at it and ignored it - if you got no reaction you would prolly just drop it and move on to something else (calling Brats or Tan gay perhaps?)- but instead you started arguing that me reacting means *i am guilty* and you kept on pushing and pushing and pushing. Till I snapped. Good thing about snapping is that once you snap do you realize how stupid you were in the first place to get annoyed things said by random people on internet. A good friend of mine told me once: ignore WHAT is being said and focus on WHO is saying it. Even better friend (love ya Pern) told me ages ago: *I make judgements on people according to enemies they have more then their friends - and according to yours Ina you must be doing something right*.

    Moving on.


    Oh god...where to start...trying to push one year in a post that actually someone will read without going zzzzzz is pretty much impossible. I wont even try.

    Thunder came here with one goal and one goal alone: to revenge com9 and go back to restart of com9.

    We all know how that went :P

    I am seriously not getting into *he said, she said* debate here (tho i can argue some posts made here - but then I would really have to write 10 pages).

    So please, If anyone has a question about this server: ask them. I (and WE) have nothing to hide.


    CWL - yes, you are a good fighting alliance. You guys are one of the best. Your original diplomatic idea was freaking brilliant -getting NW to kill each other while attacking Dynasty (they had what? two wings?) together with NWC (5 wings?) while trying to get Reload to hit us. If that worked out for you you would have a stroll in this server still being able to claim *you are a fighting alliance that threw first cross quad punch*.

    You could tell your *allies* in Reload that you did in fact fight NW - while we fought them - and in the end you made NO promises to Reload. So end outcome - NE and SE are weakened for fighting each other, your side is able to say *hell we fought as well - look all those 2 wings of dynasty are gone!!! and we NEVER asked NWC for help - they offered that themselves.* - All quads out of the game, you guys on top. It was brilliant. But how stupid did you think we are? Well in this case me. Having info (and experience) I had with you and knowing what i knew about your plants (that I never told anyone in NWC nor in Thunder for that matter aside few close people) and plans did you really think we wouldn't react? We did - Reload went with reason on their choice - you called them *backstabbers and cowards*. Cute.

    Please don't push this because I will write everything I know - and there are people who wont like it.

    And then when we succeeded where you failed you now say that Thunder only won by diplomacy?

    Now when I am done with *travian recap* I have to say what I said so many times already - you guys have some AMAZING people there. Guys that made me laugh, listen to me when i *cried*, stood up for me against all crap that was said in rooms/forums, played with me sea battle, now dota (yes I know I suck) and so on. People that I am so happy I met. Shakal, Jinno, Gega, Colin from Austin powers (till this day I have never met anyone with humor so similar to mine), Andrej from Nordex, Sickler/Yuppy (yes I actually like that guy aside forums), Bighouse (Pierre), Ducky, Oli...hell even Midgey - some I am closer to then the others, but those are all amazing people. And I am proud to call some of them my very close friends. Love ya guys.

    Not to mention that I was called *gullible and naive* and laughed at by my own leadership when i stated that I do in fact believe that 38boy was a hack (I seriously still don't understand why you had the need to send that army on a raid when there was one sitter left but ok). They way it was handled by your side towards me was crappy at best (letting me believe that it was only cata on raid when in fact it was entire army with about 40 other armies - and letting me go to my leadership and try to convince them that - even debated about dodging because I really felt bad - I don't blame my guys not believing it was coincidence one bit) - but I do actually believe you when you say that it was (that you believed it was a hack, everything else was BS).


    Hats down. You guys are survivors and you are no quitters. You earned my respect for this server (aside few).

    Jess - you have my respect and my friendship - if you are ever around I am more then happy to buy you a beer (or 10).

    Socko and his team - great work guys.

    PS - I asked Lomo to read this before I posted because it is his ID i am using after all - and he wanted to me make a point that David is an ... I wont use the same term he used - but it is true that 90% of Thunder hate towards Rangers came from his attitude and posts - so here Rick - I added it :P

    NWC- you guys impressed me - not just because you made DA go from 30+ villages to ... i don't even want to look - but you have some amazing respectful players there that I would be honored to play with on another server. The only meta that stayed out of mud throwing. You guys are winners on this server in moral way. Thank you for that.

    And special note to my com6 dual YummyAlcohol - love ya Matt.

    Thumpers - oh god where to start....when SE deleted and you talked me out of deleting DA (Lomo was the loudest and the most reasonable one) I was 100% sure that we are fighting a losing battle. But wow did you guys prove me wrong.

    I was never more impressed with you then with final defense call we made when we went from 2 mill troops to 4.5 in 48 hours. That was just freaking impressive.

    I wont go naming names here - even tho some people really deserve a mention - and that is first and mostly Tauno from KomilFo - our offense coordinator for WW hits who was freaking amazing, Sporty and Channing for bringing *fresh energy* on account that kept us alive when all *oldies* burned out, Dror - the best sitter a girl can want - Joe, Brats, Jim, Pete and everyone else that helped on DA thought out this year - thank you so much guys, we wouldn't have made it without you.

    Thank you so much Ministry (Pern you know I love you especially), thank you Reload/PRE for sticking it out, thank you Hype for all the help you gave us, thank you O.B.1 (even if it is just two people)...thank you everyone.

    Thank you Mojo, Lomo, Pern, Woody (yes even him - he is an a$$ but he is a funny a$$) for making me chuckle wile reading forums - thank you all those more logical guys (meet the band, tan, pete, hami)...

    Thank you Ras, Arthur, Rick, Jim and everyone else that kept me laughing at thumper skype chats (it wasn't once that I literally cried).

    Thank you for just being your great selves - and that goes to everyone that I didn't mention in person here - there is so many of you that deserve to be mentioned.

    To conclude:

    Thank you all CWL, NWC, Rock and Swag players that sent igm-s to DA. That was really nice of you and it shows that people can get pass in game crap (even if I am not the best person to say that).

    Thank you entire server for providing this as much emotional as war like battle that we had for past year =)

    We had babies being born, friendships being made, people getting married, people getting divorced. All together it was a hell of a ride.

    Thank you com7 for past year (even if I hated parts of it).

    Now please don't knock out WW down so we can end this and get drunk!!!!



    PS - and probably the most important thing left to say is that I am incredibly happy and proud that WW named after our too early lost friend (and there were more - Thunder lost Pierre, Ministry lost Dark Sheer, and EJ lost Snowdove - and I want us to take a minute to respect all off them) seems like the most likely candidate to win this. We were talking about how amazing it would be if it was that WW that won - but after it got knocked down we kinda lost hope.

    But here we are - Pierre and your family - THIS IS FOR YOU!!!
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    Thank you Ina

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    Ina, much love to you. You took all the mud they slung and made it through. Congrats, it was my honor fighting with you this server

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    It was a honor and privilege knowing you and playing this game with you - you still owe me DDD once i am in your area

    you are truly amazing person, friend and a leader - love you to death =)

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    you have done a great job and its been fun watching you turn that mud into mud aide . I had my doubts early on . I even talk to Grimm about it , but in the end it was a great friendship and kick arse winning group
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    Being a part of Thunder for two servers had been amazing and I wish we could continue on as the great team that we are.
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    You've been a good buddy to play Travian with. I'll never play this game again but was glad to be apart of Thunder both times. s9 was a ton of fun and I was glad to be part of the butt-kicking #1 wing of Thunder. Unfortunately the outcome of the server was tarnished because you chose to believe in some untrustworthy folk. I'm glad as all hell that you got a chance at redemption this server and managed to pull off the win. Seems like the cards were a bit more stacked against Thunder and allies this time, but hard word and dedication got the job done!

    Glad I could help out here on s7 at the critical time that I was needed. For me, it was a little bit of vindication to finally see a win. I enjoyed the little count-down in my head as I watched the last 10 seconds of level 100 finish building.

    So congrats to us!

    As I said, I won't be playing this game ever again, but I wish you and the rest of the great old Thunder crew (Tan, Woody, Tommi, etc) and the new Thunderes and Allies (Grimm and co.) good luck in future servers.

    Peace out guys and remember...

    S9 2009-2010 - 50% Rol
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    few words from me, if ina didn't call me to play with her on this server, i would never be 1st popper, so ina in my eyes ur my queen, all so special thx to my young dual, who show everybody, how to play:

    -Louis (singapore)

    Special thanks to:

    Slavko (cormoran) - second croatian on this account
    Jason (Drol Draw)
    Liran (Kilroy)

    cya on some other server, and ina am free today, send me sms or call me if u have time for beer


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    Congrats Ina,

    In the end the better team did win. About the diplomatic plan CWL had coming into this serve I totally agree. Slightly naive IMO.

    About CWL butting into the rangers thunder hate fest. Go back to the start of the server and you will see there was only one non Rangers player defending rangers and that was me. I did not get into the debate due to any allegiances towards CWL or rangers in any way but a desire to put a non thunder, non rangers perspective on what happened in s9. Its a shame that people took so long to see it but I am glad that people now recognise that rangers arent that bad as was made out to be at the start of the server. I sure hope that me trying to defend rangers indepedently of my being in CWL is not a reason for the hate against CWL. If so I rightfully apologise to all CWL members.

    About the diplomacy being the main reason for victory please reread what I have said regarding the issue. I have never stated that anyone in the NE was undeserving of victory due to some form of lesser skill etc. I have been trying to say if you could put numbers to the relative sills of each meta in a particular department, be it offense, defense, diplomacy etc. and you put all the relative skills side by side, I doubt you would see a huge difference in the relative skills of the various metas accept in diplomacy where you guys excelled and we failed. I do believe this is not disparaging against you guys in any way. If anything it is disparaging against CWL diplomacy which i have been privately critical of as well.

    But regardless of everything the better team did win. I do believe that and if people do suggest otherwise they can go f**k themselves

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    Default Thank you Inocka

    Congratulations to you and your team.

    being said, i have the need to comment on the note you throw at quietmonk, sure sometimes he doesn't let things go, but one thing is sure, he have never called anyone names and he haven't ever send any insulting messages to you or your team. saddens me to receive this from your account and to end reading anything on this forum...

    Please do not post in-game information on the forums.
    ... and this is why, 99% of rangers play against thunder.
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