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Thread: Old Mac's T4 Fallacies/Facts: Uncovered

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    Default Old Mac's T4 Fallacies/Facts: Uncovered

    Originally posted at, but figured it might help some of you over here. It's not everything that you need to know about T4, but it certainly will have some helpful information for those of you new to T4. Enjoy!

    p.s. Split into two parts due to a 10k character limit

    T4 Fallacies/Facts: Uncovered

    Everything written below is intended to aid the smooth transition from pre-T4 servers into the new T4. Differences in gameplay that are helpful to know, as well as some basic T4 fact are displayed.

    If anyone sees anything worth adding, just post below or send me a PM and I'll work it in.

    For further T4 information, see brinky's T4 FAQ/Q&A, the Travian 4 Developer's Blog, or Travian Answers.

    Oh Em Gee! My hero just died, how will I ever revive him without a hero’s mansion?!?!?!!1?!

    FACT: In T4, you DO NOT need a Hero’s Mansion to revive your hero. Simply click on the picture of your hero in the top right, and hit the revive button. The hero still has a cost to revive however, increasing depending on the level of your hero.

    Gahh, I wish I could see which field is which! This is so confusing!

    FACT: The T4 map in general is less supported by the majority of players than the older map mostly due its rather confusing and small look . However, one little tidbit that could be useful is that when you’re viewing the map, simply press the “G” button to bring forward gridlines. Enjoy! In addition, an alternative to click-drag method of moving around the map, you can move around using the WASD characters, or the arrow pad.

    Darnit! Why can’t I take this oasis? The map is centered on my village, I have my Hero’s Mansion to level 10, I DON’T UNDERSTAND!!11!1

    FACT: Been there, done that. For some reason, there is yet another major change to the map, and that is making it 9x7, as opposed to the original 7x7. This means that the oases in the rows on the left and right side of the map’s standard view will not be available for you to capture with your hero.

    What's this? Why can't I use my hero?! I JUST sent him over from my spawn village to my new village!

    FACT: Irregardless of the fact you don't need a Hero's Mansion to use your hero in your spawn village, in order to use him from any other villages, a Hero's Mansion must be built and completed prior to him being sent, otherwise he will act as a reinforcement.

    Well this says that if I send an attack, I'm going to lose my Beginners Protection...I'm not giving that up to attack a lousy oasis!

    FACT: Attacking an oasis does not revoke your Beginners Protection, only attacking another player will do that.
    NOTE: Natars do not count as "players", therefore attacks on Natars WILL NOT revoke your BP

    I'm almost out of Beginners Protection...oh no! My hero is going to be the lone defender of my village! What if I get attacked...he'll DIE!

    FACT: You are given the option to have your hero not defend the village he currently resides in(some great hero he is). In fact, this is the default setting. If you wish to change this, simply click the box labeled "If checked, your hero will not defend the village he currently belongs to" in order to toggle this option.

    This is odd, how come I’m still getting resources from this oasis?

    FACT: In T4, there are more resources available for the taking. In 25% oases you could potentially grab 4,000 resources, and in a 50% oasis, you could take 8,000. In addition, there are now 50% oases for all the resource types, not just wheat. Get clearing!

    Man, what am I going to do with all these darned cages? I can’t afford to feed all these pesky critters, I’m already negative 250 crop!

    FACT: You’re in luck. Animals do not consume any crop. They are fed from the “magic in the air”. Weird, I know, but who am I to complain, I’ve never been able to have pets due to lack of attention span and the high risk that I’ll forget to feed them. Thank you, Travian Games.

    Let’s see…6 cages, 22 animals…No way! I’m not doing that! After I catch my six animals those other ones are going to kill my fragile little hero!

    FACT: When capturing animals with cages, after all the cages equipped to your hero are used up, he turns around and comes home; no battle. Animals cruelty is bad, remember that kids.

    I don’t want these rats anymore, those elephants are sooooooo much better. Let me just release these stupid rodents, so I can catch me some elephants!

    FACT: Once you use a cage, it’s used. Kaput. Done for. Releasing animals won’t get you your cages back, you just need to either buy some, or stumble upon some more during an adventure.

    I’m not building my wall up yet, there’s no point until I have troops to put behind it!

    FACT: The wall in T4 now gives, in addition to the traditional defense % bonus, a set defensive boost to a village. In effect, a leveled up wall can take on a small raiding party on it’s own, even if only enough to make raiding your village more difficult and less profitable.

    Yes! This hero resource boost is saawweeetttt! I’m going to set it on wheat so I don’t need to build up my stupid cropland.

    FACT: While the resource bonus from the new T4 hero is “saawwweeeettt”, and while using the aforementioned tactic is feasible, if you leave the bonus set to spread out between the four different types, you’ll end up netting 20% more resources than if you selected one individually. Do the math, you’ll see it. Also, if you do end up using the wheat bonus to avoid building crop fields, you’re setting yourself up to be crop locked upon the death of your hero.

    With my next hero level I think I’m going to put all 5 points into regeneration. It’s so annoying waiting for my hero to recover after a tough day at the office!

    FACT: True, waiting for your hero to regenerate himself is a drag, but there is no “regeneration” attribute for heroes in T4, and guess what else? You only get 4 points to distribute to your hero for each level gained. Each hero is set to regain 10% per day. This can only be increased with items such as the Helmet of Regeneration, Armor of Regeneration, or the Boots of Regeneration. Alternately, place a few points in Fighting Strength and he’ll take less damage during battle or adventures, or use some ointments to quickly mend your hero’s injuries.

    What are these "adventures" I keep hearing about?

    FACT: Adventures are new to T4 as part of the new hero system. by clicking the small map icon (adventure icon) on the top right of the screen by the graphic of your hero, you can view all those adventures which are available to you. In adventures, you can find, among other things, resources, armor, cages, bandages, troops, or nothing at all! View a complete list here.

    What the heck?! Why can’t I join in on the auctions?!?!

    FACT: Auctions become available to you only after completing your first ten adventures. Get going! For more on Auction in T4, see here.

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    Finally! This second village is mine! Second one on the server, yes! I bet these resources from the quest are going to help a ton!

    FACT: Yes, these resources you are awarded for founding a second village, all 6,700 of them, will help a great amount in starting up your new village. However, when you collect your reward, MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON YOUR SPAWN VILLAGE. This village will have the warehouse and granary capacity to store all of the resources given to you. If you collect the reward while on the new village(having a warehouse and granary holding 750/800 resources), you'll end up wasting 6,500 resources. So be careful, and make sure you get full use out of this reward.

    What's this? A NATAR village just appeared a few spaces away? That's odd...

    FACT: In T4, the Natars are present all round long. In addition to their WW villages and main village, they will create what are called independent villages. These are like any other village, in that they build buildings, have a steady resource production, and will build some troops as well. These can be attacked, farmed, chiefed, etc. However, instead of spawning randomly, the Natars take over inactive villages as opposed to deletion.

    What the heck! Where did my blacksmith go?! Where's my armory?!?

    FACT: In T4, the blacksmith and armory have been combined in to one single building called the smithy. Here you can upgrade the attack/defense stats for all troops. Basically, it's all the functionality of the two older buildings into this new building.

    Hey! Why are there so many attacks coming in on my village? I JUST settled here!

    FACT: In T4, there is an area in the center of the map controlled by the Natars. No players will spawn here upon account creation. Players are allowed to settle here, but upon settlement they will be attacked by Natars with the intent of village destruction. So be prepared for a fight! If your village survives this attack, no more will follow. This "Gray Area" is roughly 21 squares in radius at all points, and no villages settled in here will produce CP's, which is rather unfortunate, as a very high rate of good croppers(150% 15c) are located here.

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