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    When everyone is bored, there will come a new game, a game that is called Travian!
    Immediatly we all start to gather People and Villages, Trade and fight.
    This is where we participate in! We make new villages and dominate the North- West, we are an aggressive Alliance who will fight to the end! Be aggresive but also know how to defend! We use secret things to grow even faster and to see the world of travian.

    What do we expect of you?

    1. Your population is equal or higher then our average.
    2. Your villages are in NW.(-/+)
    3. You are very active
    4. You have at least 1 sitter.
    5. You are active on our Forum.
    6. You are not affraid to battle with us. You will help your alliance.
    7. You have got plenty of experience with the game.
    8. You are not a farm of another player.

    What do we offer you?

    1. External Forum
    2. Support
    3. Pleasure
    4. Action
    5. Many trades in the alliance.
    6. Handy tools and nice competition on our Forum.

    The Recuiter are:
    1. RazorSharp
    2. Any heads

    So if you are interested to join our alliance, just ask them.
    Write an good message in normal English with the following things:

    1. Your population
    2. Your motivation
    3. Your tribe and reason for that tribe.
    4. Why are you special for us to have in the alliance?
    5. Take a clear subject in your message.
    6. Your army size
    7. Your experience(Time, servers and achievements)
    8. Your playstyle (Defend, Neutral or Aggressive)
    9. We don't want simcity players who have a big population and no army.

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    What sort of pleasure and what sort of action do you offer?

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    The Type that cant be said on the forum :P It is Razor here.
    S1 - The Punishers - SGR
    S7 - Second - Reload3M
    Many Old Servers(All 44 Servers)

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