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Thread: Clarification - question to one of the admins

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    Default Clarification - question to one of the admins


    on the .au domain forum this message has been released. My question is if it applies also here...


    Hello everyone,

    As you are all fully aware there have been huge problems with the release of T4, the latest in a long line being the rally point not showing returning resources.

    Finally our (you, Travian crew, Agge, Tech Support, Sys Admins) complaints have all been heard by the people who make the important decisions in Head Office and they have made a SENSIBLE decision.

    From now until further notice, all T4 servers that are currently underway will stop getting any updates. This means that NO artefacts / World Wonders / Building Plans will be released AT ALL while all the problems are worked on and fixed.
    The gameworlds will continue to run, but there will not be any progression towards end game while the fixes are being worked on. You will still earn resources, make bids on the auctions, raid, defend, scout, settle new villages - all as normal. But your server length of time will be extended while the fixes are worked on.
    How long this will take I honestly do not know - the people in Head Office don't know that information yet either.

    All new T4 servers around the world that are scheduled for pre-reg from 11th July onwards are cancelled for the foreseeable future until the problems are fixed.

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    Been shown that post Phantiss edited, 10 minutes ago.. and I think it answers my question.

    (ps, yes.. that post I copied has been made - written by the equivalent of Phantiss on the .au domain)
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    This has already been clarified here?

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    Sounds pretty simple to me, no artifacts and no building plans, so therefor no there is no point obviously for ww without plans. some people will love this news ofc as they sim away bigger ww armies, others will cry as they hate prolonged misery.

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