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Thread: Best player so far

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    Quote Originally Posted by Durisbane View Post
    anyway thanks for a great server everyone, the AU domain has had its admins fighting for a T3.6 server for 5 months, lead by the head administrator of the AU domain, and they still have not restarted a server that ended over 6 months ago, T4 has taken over, and is their priority, as the silver auctions make them too much money. and that's what this business is about after all. so i will not be continuing playing travian, nor being active on the forums, it is sad to say goodbye to a game that has had a place in my heart for almost 4 years, but T4 is just ridiculous.

    i bid you adieu.

    Best Regards,
    Kurt - Osama account
    yes Kurt, t4 sucks its entirely new thing to learn, if it is T3 i ll back but if it is T4 then time to say good bye for travian......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Durisbane View Post
    Haha thanks. Who were you ingame?
    hi, i am "Knight Rider" was just an observer. we had few conversations, do u remember

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