I am a new player currently smack dab in the middle of the map (4|183), some other "fun" facts:

  • I have around 24 hours of protection left, and I just signed up the travian
  • Currently on 106 population
  • 3 troops... impressive no?
  • One badass hero. Fighting strength 600 and with regeneration
  • I plan on raiding to farm resources.... but considering I still know so little about the game right now, I may alter my strategy if a more viable strategy rolls around.
  • I'll log on multiple times a day

What I'm looking for primarily is an alliance that can help me get up to speed. While I have zero experience in Travian I've been an avid player of online strategy games (Utopia, dominion, Ogame etc) and should be able to get the hang of this game quite quickly if given a "mentor" of sorts. Once I become more knowledgeable about the game I should be able to contibute quite nicely to an alliance.

I hope to hear from my (doubtless scores of) suiters soon!