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Thread: Whitemouse in danger - appeal for help

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    Default Whitemouse in danger - appeal for help

    Quote Originally Posted by renboi View Post
    And I'm very happy to finally see a medal for Climber - three weeks in a row,
    though according to him he is deleting and he is very small, I still thinks he has to have a well-deserved bow.

    Indeed - Whitemouse does deserve recognition and respect. Though it appears, he is getting quite the opposite. Two members of TR! are behaving in the most beastly of ways - bullying this newcomer. They have attacked his tiny villages, killed his troops. They destroyed his granary, and many cropfields. Now he runs at very negative crop.

    Here are some pictures taken from the site of the massacre. Viewers of a nervous disposition are advised to look away now, these are some terribly graphic images.

    The images with the catapult attacks have been deleted, they are simply too upsetting for Whitemouse to keep in his reports list. Those innocent farmers, the granary workers, they never did anything to hurt anyone. What of their children? The poor young mice who enjoyed so playing in the cropfields? What of them?

    I cannot overly stress how hopeless the scenes are now in Whitemouse's village. To bully an innocent, young mouse in such a way - what sort of monsters are these people in TR!? Now there is nothing but starvation, tears and endless sorrow in the wake of these horrific acts, where once there lay happiness and the promise of prosperity.

    Please, this is an appeal to every player who cares for those around them, who wants to support the weak and the vulnerable, please give all you can to help poor Whitemouse in this time of need. He is desperately short of crop, with no granary to use for npc-ing. Tiny, regular shipments of crop would go a long way to helping him recover. Any resources also no doubt would be appreciated. If anyone wishes to help this poor mouse defend, do write him an igm asking for details.

    Let us all show this brave mouse that there are players out there who do care - we are not all jealous of his shiny climbing medals. We are happy for him to be here, and want to see him stand up to the nasty bullies.

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    Ok the worst of the crisis is thankfully over. By the sounds of it, Whitemouse is recovering steadily. Starvation it seems is becoming a thing of the past, and growth is looking healthy.

    Sadly no one helped Whitemouse directly, though we would like to imagine the appeal was answered in an outcry for the outrageous attacks to stop.

    Nice work Whitemouse, and good luck for the rest of your server.

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    yeah that Mouse is recovering now and maybe he can get a new "Climber of the week" medal... he has 6 of them so far, maybe he can reach 10 by the end of the server.
    And one last thing, that Mouse will show NO Mercy at all. So better to hide somewhere.

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