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    I am in (T.4) and rally point is a major problem as it is impossible to read rally point when an active raider with 100 or more troop movements try to see a specific troop movement. It becomes impossible to cancel an attack in the possible 90 seconds because of screen refreshing every few seconds and with it rally point folds to minimized status showing latest 10 troop movements only. And worse, when a player is under attack by dozens of attacks/fakes then it is extremely annoying to try and scrutinize these attacks as rally point keeps on folding every few seconds with troop movements.
    Such a bug was reported in June as well but it still exists.
    This problem is worst with firefox browser while it affects google chrome to a lesser extent.
    I am not sure why this bug exists as rally point is so stable in T.3 and that should help to resolve T.4 rally point problem.

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    There is nothing more to say as in June: it has been reported to the coders.
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